Have You No Pride?!

This week’s Friday Feature was massively inspired by the events of last weekend. Last weekend was my city’s local GLBTQ Pridefest! For those who may not know, GLBTQ stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered & Questioning and Pridefest is an event that’s held annually to celebrate our collective pride in ourselves and our community. In […]

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New Release Reviews

For this week’s Music Monday, I decided to review a couple of records that are set to release this week. I will say that I happen to have had them both on my iPod for a couple of weeks now, thanks to internet leaks, but they are both getting their official releases this week in […]

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One Album, Three Styles

For this week’s Friday Feature I took a little bit of a note from last week’s Friday Feature, “One Song, Three Styles,” except I wanted to be a little more general about it. This is actually a concept that I came up with several years ago but never actually had a place like this blog […]

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