Hello world!

My name is Jason Michalchek and I have two main passions in life – beauty and music. I wanted to create a blog that was more than just me babbling on about my life, (it’s not as interesting as one would think,) but discussing some other topic that I am passionate about and can discuss with some deal of authority and education. The issue was that my first two instincts were to either do a blog all about beauty, (fashion, cosmetics, etc.,) or to do a blog all about music. I had so much trouble deciding between the two until it finally dawned on me: why not combine the two?!

…so Beausic was born.

To begin, I figured it would be appropriate to provide you with a little background on my experience with both of these things. Music has been the thing I am most passionate about for as long as I can recall. It has been the one thing that has managed to constantly captivate, fascinate and mesmerize me throughout my entire life. Some of my earliest memories in life include hearing my Mom’s old Barry Manilow records when I was a child and waking up early before Kindergarten to watch Paula Abdul videos on VH1’s A-Z Video, (a program long since forgotten.) I also have some pretty vague memories of my father playing guitar and singing when I was a child. When I started seeking out music for myself, as opposed to what I was exposed to by my parents and family, I was immediately drawn towards pop music. My earliest favorite artists included names like Madonna, (who I am still a huge fan of,) Paula Abdul, Mariah Carey and Amy Grant, (embarrassing, eh?) As I got older, my tastes expanded and I ventured out into listening to a little bit of every genre of music, including things that had no appeal to my 7 or 8 year old self, like rock, country, rap, etc. Now, at nearly 30 years old, I have cultivated a vast knowledge and collection of music, (including an iPod with over 20,000 songs and counting.) My favorite artists include Madonna, Liz Phair, Lady Gaga, Scissor Sisters, Kylie Minogue, Darren Hayes, Dashboard Confessional, Hole, Alanis Morissette, Mandy Moore, etc., etc., etc. I do maintain a soft spot for pop music, as well as primarily female singer-songwriters of the Lilith Fair style. For most of my life I also dreamed of eventually becoming a singer-songwriter myself, having begun writing lyrics and melodies at 13 years old. This is a dream that I have only recently allowed myself to put on the back burner in favor of more practical goals for my life.

This is where my considerably more recent passion for beauty began. Well, that is not entirely true. Throughout my young adult life, I found myself experimenting with beauty products in different ways but always eventually gave it up because I could simply never get the hang of it. I grew up with a fascination with women, in spite of being as gay as the day is long. It wasn’t necessarily an obsession with women so much as an obsession with fashion, beauty and all of those things that are always targeted towards and emphasized in women and not men. This fascination led me to spend much of my teen years experimenting with my appearance and even spending a good deal of time contemplating going into drag performance as a profession. I realized eventually that drag was not something that I wanted to go into in the long run because I did not want to be anything other than myself; I didn’t want to dress up as a woman, I wanted to dress up as both the feminine and masculine parts of myself.  After years of experimentation with my personal style, including all types of disasters with fashion and makeup, I have finally realized that it was never about dressing up at all – it was about expressing myself through my appearance. A few years ago, I finally picked up some makeup again and slowly but surely developed a skill and technique all my own with it. To me, makeup is all about bringing out the parts of yourself you want to express on any given day. It is about the ability to alter your appearance to match whatever it is you have on the inside on any given day – whether it is just bringing out your natural features or doing something considerably more dramatic and over the top. It’s about taking whatever parts of yourself you want to share and giving them the chance to come out and say “Hello world!” Over the past few years I have developed quite the passion for makeup in particular and developed quite a large, and ever-growing, collection of products and have spent countless hours experimenting with different products and techniques, as well as researching all of the different brands and styles on the internet and feel that I have developed a wealth of knowledge on the topic. This is the one thing that has managed to get me to put aside my dreams of stardom for something much more realistic – a job in the beauty industry. I have found that I actually have been blessed with a very natural knack for the visual arts, particularly when it comes to makeup artistry. While I always had the passion for music, when I sat down and actually tried to learn an instrument I discovered that I didn’t have a natural affinity for it. I struggled for ages attempting to teach myself guitar and took several months of piano lessons without feeling like I was ever really getting anywhere.

Music is still the thing that I am most passionate about in life but I have come to realize that it may just be meant as a spectator’s sport for me. So, what do you do when you are very passionate about something and are educated about it but don’t have the natural ability to do it for yourself? You discuss it. As far as music goes, that is primarily what I will be doing here – posting reviews on recent releases, sharing thoughts and inspirations from the music I am listening to at the moment and spreading awareness of artists and records that are not as well know as I think they should be. As far as the beauty side, I will also be posting reviews of different products I try, sharing thoughts about some of my favorite products as well as the trends in the beauty industry. I will also be sharing pictures and, eventually, video tutorials of different looks that I am doing. Also, because one so inspires the other, I will be making many crossover posts, including makeup looks inspired by different music, profiles of some of my favorite singers/musicians personal styles, etc.

Fasten your seatbelts, folks… it’s bound to be a fun ride!


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hello and welcome! Do you have any tips for deep/dark Black women? I’m SO sick of plums and burgundys and would love to venture out into brighter colors. I also want to accentuate these big brown eyes o’mine.

    1. Hey, thanks sooooooo much for my very first comment here on WordPress! As far as tips for deeper skin tones, I would say that I can definitely understand berries & burgundies getting old but they can still be put to use in combination with brighter colors, as well. For example, I once did a really gorgeous look on a coworker, whose skin was on the darker side of a milk chocolate shade, using the shades Dollipop & Poison Plum from Sugarpill Cosmetics on the lids with a darker burgundy shade in the crease for definition. Also, golds, bronzes & metallics in general tend to work really well on darker skin tones, so perhaps try doing a gold or bronze shade horned with a bright color. I’ve seen so many gorgeous looks of bright pink with gold or bronze, or green or blue paired with silver. I’d say experiment, experiment, experiment until you figure out the looks that quirk best on your skin! Thanks so much again for the comment! How this has helped some & I hope to hear from you again in the future!

      1. You know I did an eye yesterday with bright teal-y blue and dirt brown eyeshadows and brown eyeliner and mascara (think peacock) and I knew I was missing something–gold! Thanks; I’m going to tweek it and try again tomorrow.

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