Giving Thanks

Given that it is the week of Thanksgiving, it only seemed appropriate to make this the theme of this week’s Friday Feature. Thanksgiving, for me, has never been a favorite among the holidays. Of course, everybody loves Christmas and New Year’s Eve, while Halloween is my personal favorite. Still, Thanksgiving is a great holiday because […]

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The Beauty Bibles

I decided for this week’s Work It Wednesday, I would do something a little different from the usual Work It Wednesday fare and do a little bit of an “Oprah’s Book Club” sort of deal, instead. Okay, so not really like “Oprah’s Book Club,” but I thought it could be fun to recommend a couple […]

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Spotlight: Rihanna

With the leak of her brilliant new record this week and her being the focus of this week’s Music Monday post, it seemed appropriate that the subject of this week’s Friday Feature be Rihanna. More than that, though, this seemed like a really good time to introduce a certain type of post that I have […]

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Beauty On A Deadline

For this week’s Work It Wednesday, I decided that it was time to try out a photo tutorial, as I’ve seen many people here on WordPress and many other beauty blogs do. I wasn’t sure what type of look I should do this tutorial on, though. This decision came quite organically to me when I […]

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