Clinique Haul & Review

For this week’s Work It Wednesday, now that the Favorite Beauty Products series has ended, it seemed like time to get into the real types of beauty posts I want to make here on Beausic. I definitely intend to do a lot of the types of posts you see on beauty blogs and YouTube, including posts like today’s – a haul and review. As an avid reader of various beauty blogs and subscriber to various YouTube channels on the topic of beauty, I am a very big fan of the hauls that people will post, highlighting and discussing different beauty products that they have recently purchased. Being somebody who is purchasing new beauty products pretty much constantly, I figured this type of post would work out well for me because I have a lot of products and I have a lot to say about them!

To begin, I just received a shipment from Clinique last week. A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Clinique with a special offer – a set of seven deluxe-sized samples of your choosing free with any $20 purchase, (well, actually six pieces of your choosing and one of their new line of Holiday bags.) In the past, I have tried several different products from Clinique but have never used much in the way of their cosmetics; not enough to form a valid opinion on them, anyway. I had used more of their skin care products than anything else but had always kept up with their new product releases and such and had an interest in trying out more cosmetics from them. When I received this offer for the deluxe samples, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to try out a good variety of their products. In order to get those deluxe samples, though, I had to make a purchase. Staying in the vein of trying out a variety of products from Clinique and having had a more than passing interest in several different of their lip products, I decided to pick up their Mix It Up Kisses set. This set is actually quite the brilliant concept, including a small travel bag from their Holiday line, a Clinique C logo keychain and 6 different lip products designed with little hook clip pieces to clip on to the keychain.

Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Lilac & Grapefruit, Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Whisper & Juicy Apple, Different Lipstick in Glazed Berry & Raspberry Glace
All products and the Clinique C Logo keychain
Products Attached to the keychain
Travel Bag from the Mix It Up Kisses set
Size Comparison between deluxe-sized sample Clinique Lipstick (Bamboo Pink) and Mini-sized lipstick from the Mix It Up Kisses Set
Swatches, from left. Top: Long Last Glosswear in Whisper, Long Last Glosswear in Juicy Apple, Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Grapefruit, Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Lilac. Bottom: Different Lipstick in Glazed Berry, Different Lipstick in Raspberry Glace, Long Last Lipstick in Bamboo Pink
Swatches from left. Top: Long Last Glosswear in Whisper, Long Last Glosswear in Juicy Apple, Moisturizing Superbalm Gloss in Grapefruit, Moisturizing Superbalm Gloss in Lilac. Bottom: Different Lipstick in Glazed Berry, Different Lipstick in Raspberry Glace, Long Last Lipstick in Bamboo Pink.

The Mix It Up Kisses set is, first and foremost, absolutely adorable! As evidenced in the size comparison pic, these products are TINY. I kind of expected to only get one or two uses out of them but they hold a surprising amount of product in those tiny little packages and are super cute! The Superbalm Moisturizing Glosses are 0.14 fl oz each, the Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 are 0.03 fl oz each and the 2 different lipsticks are 1.2g. I have used each of these a few times since receiving them and still have plenty left.  As far as the quality of the products go, I have to say that I absolutely love all of them! The Long Last Glosswear in Whisper is gorgeous and sheer enough to add a gorgeous, golden colored shine to any lip shade you use. I tried it on it’s own, as well, and didn’t really like it that way but it looks gorgeous on top of a color. I wore it over the Long Last Lipstick in Bamboo Pink, (which was one of the deluxe samples I received,) and it was just perfect. Speaking of the Long Last Lipstick in Bamboo Pink, I am completely in love with this shade and will definitely be purchasing a full-sized version of it – it is a perfect nude shade. It is a beautiful pink-toned beige that looks amazing on my skin tone, both alone and with the Long Last Glosswear in Whisper. The other Long Last Glosswear in Juicy Apple is a sheer red shade, so it just adds a beautiful shine to the lips and just a hint of color. I also tried this shade out over L’oreal Infallible Le Rouge in Ravishing Red and it was a gorgeous enhancement to that shade. This one I would probably be less prone to purchase again than the Whisper shade because I have plenty of other red glosses that I love a bit more. The two Different Lipsticks are both gorgeous and feel really nice on the lips, although I was a little disappointed with the fact that the two shades included in the set are so similar. I much prefer the Glazed Berry shade, though, as it is a little more sheer and subtle, with less of a pearl look to it, (which I am not a big fan of in lipsticks.) My favorite of these products, though, and one I will absolutely be re-purchasing, are the Moisturizing Superbalm Glosses, particularly in Grapefruit. Grapefruit doesn’t seem like it adds much in the way of color initially but as you wear it the color seems to increase to this gorgeous, ultra-glossy, bright pink. The key selling point of these glosses, though, is how they feel. The word Moisturizing in the product name is the key – they feel so refreshing on the lips and leave your lips feeling moisturized and treated the longer you wear them. Lilac is also a beautiful shade,  a more toned down pink with a purple tint, but I am particularly fond of Grapefruit. I am absolutely in love with these glosses and I would recommend these to anybody looking for a high shine, ultra-glossy look for their lips that also feels amazing.

High Lengths Mascara in Black

As far as the rest of the deluxe samples, or the non-lip segment of the post, the first thing I want to discuss is the High Lengths Mascara. One cosmetic product of Clinique’s that I have tried, and loved, is mascara. I absolutely love both their High Impact and Bottom Lash mascara. I had always seen High Lengths mascara listed on their website and been intrigued by it, as I am with any mascara that makes lofty claims about lengthening lashes. Honestly, the only reason I had never purchased this mascara previously is because I was afraid of the wand. As you can see in the picture above, this is not your usual mascara wand. It’s very soft and bends easily, is more curved than most mascara wands and only has bristles on one side. I always kind of imagined that I would wind up sticking that wand in my eye by accident, not having any real control over it. As it turns out, that is exactly what happened the first time I tried it. However, persistent as I am, I gave it another shot and the results were amazing! This has kind of become a go-to mascara for me since I got it last week. I believe I have used it every single day since then. Once you have gotten a handle of the wand, of course, this mascara gives a beautiful curl and adds so much length to the lashes. I will absolutely be purchasing a full-sized version of this product.


Quickliner For Eyes in Black Brown
Quickliner For Eyes tip

Another deluxe sample I received was Quickliner For Eyes in Black Brown. Quickliner For Eyes is similar to the Stila Smudge Stick liners or the Tarte EmphasEYEs gel liner pencils, although I don’t believe this is a gel-based product. What it is, though, is a nice, creamy texture that smudges really well and has near as much staying power as the products mentioned above. What I love most, though, is the color of this product. I have an issue, in general, with brown liners because they just never seem to stand out enough. I just don’t ever feel like the brown liner shades are dark enough to make a real difference. Since this is a black brown, instead of just a standard brown, I found it just right. Like I said, this has a gorgeous consistency and blends beautifully. That, along with the color, makes this a great product that I quite possibly will re-purchase.


Eye Shadow Duo
Eye Shadow Duo shades Frosted Blossom and a Single Shade, (deep plum) from the Come Heather trio
Swatches; Top: Frosted Blossom, Bottom: Deep plum shade from the Come Heather Trio

Another deluxe sample was this eye shadow duo. It includes two shades, a soft, frosted pink shade called Frosted Blossom and a very deep purple/plum color that does not have a name but is only listed as a single shade from the Come Heather trio. I’d only ever tried Clinique eye shadows once before, the Pink Chocolate quad, and I absolutely loved them. These shadows have the same quality of the ones I tried before but I found that these particular shades do not really work great for me, nor do they work great together. The Frosted Blossom shade is too light for my skin tone and the purple/plum shade is too dark to just pair these two shadows together. Still, I do think that Frosted Blossom would work great as a highlight shade for me with a more pink toned eye look, and the purple shade would work really well with a few different purple shades that I have, particularly to add depth to Poison Plum from Sugarpill Cosmetics, so I definitely will be able to work with both of these and, like I said, the quality of the shadows themselves are great, especially Frosted Blossom, as it is shimmery without being over the top or including any chunky glitter or anything of that nature. It has shine but goes on smoothly and with ease.


Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15 in Natural 4
Superbalanced Powder Makeup powder grinder
Superbalanced Powder Makeup ground powder
Superbalanced Powder Makeup with included brush
Superbalanced Powder Makeup brush close-up

Superbalanced Powder Makeup was another of the deluxe samples I received and a product that I have been loving. This product is intended as a powder foundation, which I did try it out as when I first received it, but I am not a fan of powder foundations. I just don’t feel like there is enough coverage in a powder foundation. I do LOVE this product, though, as just a powder to set my liquid foundation & concealer and add a bit more coverage. I love the grinder function this product has and the powder itself is beautiful. The only issue I have with this product is the price of the full-sized version, which is $34. While the product is beautiful I can’t imagine actually paying $34 for it when there are so many alternatives that are much less expensive, or alternatives that are just as expensive but much better quality, like Makeup For Ever HD Powder or Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder. Still, the powder does feel lovely and lightweight on your skin and gives a gorgeous look to the skin. If you have the extra cash, I would recommend it, otherwise several drugstore setting powders do the same job just as well.

Rinse Off Foaming Facial Cleanser
Holiday 2011 Cosmetic Bag
Holiday 2011 Cosmetic Bag open

The last two pieces of the seven piece set of deluxe samples was the Rinse Off Foaming Facial Cleanser and one of Clinique Holiday 2011 Line of cosmetic bags. The Rinse Off Foaming Facial Cleanser does a really great job of cleansing the skin. I have been using it every day since getting these in the mail and I do feel like it is doing a great job, however I don’t feel like it does any better of a job than my Clean & Clear Deep Action Foaming Facial Cleanser, which is my regular daily facial cleanser. The skin looks and feels the same after using each, only the Clean & Clear one leaves a refreshing, cooling sensation on the skin where the Clinique does not, which I actually prefer. I will not likely re-purchase this product, unless it is included in a kit or something along those lines. Still, I am enjoying it while I do have it.

A look using the majority of the products discussed in this post. Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Grapefruit on the lips, Superbalanced Makeup in Neutral, Quick Correct Concealer and Superbalanced Powder Makeup on the skin. The rest seems pretty self-explanatory.

Overall, my favorite of the products I received in this are definitely the Quickliner for eyes, Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Grapefruit, Long Last Lipstick in Bamboo Pink and Long Last Glosswear in Whisper. I definitely intend to try out more Clinique products in the future, as well as picking up full-sized versions of a few of a few of these products.

Please, if you have a moment, let me know what you all thought of this format for a post. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! In the meantime, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!





2 thoughts on “Clinique Haul & Review

  1. Hey, Lovely. I like Clinique, too. I have combination, sensitive skin and their Moisture Surge Gel was the only moisturizer that took care the different areas of my face. Their lipsticks are also very moisturizing; it’s a great line.

  2. Aw, this was a very nice post. In thought I want to put in writing like this additionally ? taking time and actual effort to make a very good article? however what can I say? I procrastinate alot and certainly not seem to get one thing done.

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