The Beauty Bibles

I decided for this week’s Work It Wednesday, I would do something a little different from the usual Work It Wednesday fare and do a little bit of an “Oprah’s Book Club” sort of deal, instead. Okay, so not really like “Oprah’s Book Club,” but I thought it could be fun to recommend a couple of my favorite “Beauty Bibles.” A Beauty Bible is just a book on style and beauty that I feel is full of essential tips and tricks that everybody needs to know in order to achieve their personal best level of beauty. Of course, style is something that is personal to everybody and is very much an individual thing but there are definitely different techniques and tips that are universal. Each of these books includes a good deal of tips that I feel are absolutely essential. After all, as the author of the first book we are going to discuss always says: “Reading is FUNDAMENTAL!”

"Workin' It: RuPaul's Guide To Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Style" by RuPaul

“Workin’ It” is the second book by Model/Actor/Singer-Songwriter/Author/Life Guru/Drag Queen extraordinaire, RuPaul Andre Charles, best known as simply RuPaul. RuPaul has long been an inspiration to me in life, so when I heard that she was releasing this book I knew that I had to have it. “Workin It” is exactly what it’s subtitle says, “A guide to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Style.” It is packed to the brim with so much more than beauty tips, although there are tons of them, but actually offers a lot of tips that are even more essential to beauty; tips on maintain one’s self-respect and confidence, all of which shows through in your look. It is also loaded with inspirational stories and quotes on remaining true to one’s self. Another thing that I loved about this book is the fact that it included tons of very detailed tips on not just makeup, hair and fashion but also included a lot about performing, in particular performing in drag. I think that this book is a lot of fun and is really an essential read for everyone with an interest in beauty. It is really less of a style book and more of a self-help book. My favorite tip in this book? My favorite quote of all-time, “What other people think about me is none of my business.” It is a universal truth of life; Other people’s opinions have no meaning to our lives and should not have any effect on what we do or how we feel about ourselves.

"That Extra Half An Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything In Between" by Victoria Beckham

“That Extra Half An Inch” is the second book written by Spice-Girl-Turned-Designer Victoria Beckham. Victoria has become a massive icon in the fashion and beauty industries. She has become the template for all things high-end, glamorous and, like her Spice Girls nickname, Posh. She has also become quite the trendsetter, a la Sarah Jessica Parker, stepping out in a new style one day and having it all over the streets and runways of New York, Paris and Milan the next. It only made sense when she announced the release of this book. The first thing to mention about this book is how beautiful the book itself is. It is overloaded, on nearly every page, with gorgeous photos by legendary Peruvian fashion photographer Mario Testino. The whole concept of this book is adding just an extra half an inch to to nearly every part of a look; Heels, hemlines, hair, neckline, etc. It is all about adding that extra little bit to make things just a touch more classy, and who knows class better than Victoria? It also includes some very extensive tips on beauty, including name-dropping several particular products, like MAC Strobe Cream and various high-end moisturizers and skin care items, etc. One great thing about this book, too, is that she cites so many different resources for finding the products and items she talks about in the book, which is great because you can then use the book as a resource to get directly to the items you may want. The only issue with this book, however, is the fact that pretty much everything she discusses in the book is high-end; much more high-end than your average reader can afford. Still, I think it is full of universal tips that one can find a way to translate into their own day-to-day life, on their own budgets.

"Style" by Lauren Conrad

“Style” is the fourth book, the first non-fiction book, by Television Personality/Designer Lauren Conrad. Lauren became an icon of beauty for the younger generation when she rose to fame on the MTV reality series “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills.” Aside from being a style and beauty icon, Lauren also served as a brilliant role model for young people, in my opinion. She spent the entire series of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” aspiring to work in the Fashion Industry, and it was great, as a fan, to watch her actually move forward with that career. This book is simply gorgeous and is chock full of gorgeous photos and, unlike the Victoria Beckham book, gives tons of tips for people on a budget. One major focus of this book is about building up a wardrobe, not just magically having all the money in the world to go out and pick up all the clothing and products you would want. I also love how this book offers several different tips on the places in your wardrobe where it makes more sense to skimp and where it is essential to make a bigger investment. She also provides many tips on the type of pieces that you can make an investment in and use in a plethora of different ways, as well as tips on inexpensive alternatives to designer pieces and such. My only issue with this book is that the section on beauty is extremely minimal. Of course, since this book was published, Lauren has started keeping a beauty blog,, and has a similar book planned for release in early 2012, called “Beauty,” which I am very excited about reading.

Aside from these three, the only other Beauty Bible I would like to mention is the “Sex & The City: The Complete Series” DVD boxed set. “Sex & The City” is a massive inspiration to me, in terms of life, as well as in terms of fashion and beauty. There is just so much to be learned from it. That not being an actual book, though, I guess doesn’t really count. Still, like I said, I feel like the three books mentioned above are all really great and offer a wealth of information on fashion and beauty, and I would recommend them to anybody with more than just a passing interest in these fields. Definitely check them out. Also, here in the US, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I wish everybody a beautiful holiday and a beautiful life!



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