Glamour Doll Eyes: Reviews, Swatches & Experimentation

Glamour Doll Eyes is a company that was started in 2008 by Vee Barney, GlamourDollEyes on YouTube, that sells handmade eye shadow pigments. The main ingredients they use are Magnesium Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin Clay and Methicone Treated Titanium Dioxide. For people like me who have no clue what any of that means, the important thing to know is that all of the pigments and ingredients they use for these eye shadows are FDA Approved for use in cosmetics. Since 2008, they have developed a line of 104 permanent eye shadow shades, as well as several different limited edition collections, and 12 permanent glitters, as well as several different limited edition glitters, as well. They’ve also recently released a primer as well as a line of lip glosses and liquid lipsticks. Being a YouTuber herself, she has worked with several different YouTube Beauty gurus on collections in the past, including MissJessicaHarlow and one of my very favorite YouTubers, MyEyeShadowIsOdd, who collaborated with Vee on the collection I am going to be discussing today. MyEyeShadowIsOdd does a whole lot of Carnival and Circus inspired tutorials on her YouTube Channel, which was surely the inspiration for this collection.

Glamour Doll Eyes Circus Collection Shadows and Box
Glamour Doll Eyes Circus Collection Jars With Labels

The Circus Collection from Glamour Doll Eyes features 7 Eye Shadow pigments, as well as one Eye Light, their gorgeous, finely milled glitters. Each color in this collection is named after and inspired by an element of the circus. I placed my order during the Black Friday sale, which meant that I also got a free full-sized jar of another of their shadows. I selected a shade called Lover’s Lane that really popped out at me when I saw it in an older tutorial from MyEyeShadowIsOdd. This is a gorgeous multi-faceted deep metallic red shade that seems to reflect brown and even a bit of copper or gold. I just looked through the shadows they offer and found that there wasn’t anything quite like it in my collection. I swatched all of these shades, the entire Circus Collection and Lover’s Lane, for you guys to get a better look at the products themselves.

Swatches of the entire Circus Collection and Lover's Lane (the first shade on the second row is actually called Bearded Lady, please excuse the typo!)
Electric Chair (a somewhat metallic white/silver)
Cotton Candy (light to medium blue with pink shimmers)
Big Top (medium toned yellow gold with red shimmer)
Sword Swallower (semi metallic silver with silver sparkles)
Bearded Lady (a medium to dark brown with silver shimmers)
Fiji Mermaid (a greenish blue with green shimmer undertones)
Oddity (a duochrome-esque lime green)
Fire Eater (a red, yellow and orange glitter)
Lover's Lane (a deep, red, metallic color)

These are all loose eye shadow pigments, as are all of the eye shadows from Glamour Doll Eyes. You may recall from a couple of my previous posts that I have not really used loose eye shadows before because I had some trepidation about how to use them and their lasting power, etc. Still, when I heard about this collection, and saw swatches of it, I decided it could be time to take the plunge and give them a try. Another huge factor in my decision to give these a try was when I saw the price of them – the entire collection is only $32. I also found out when I received it that it also includes a couple of really cool extras, including a packet of Cotton Candy flavored Pop Rocks, (which were delicious,) a couple of really cool business cards and a sticker featuring more of the cool art from the box for the collection and, perhaps most exciting, are a couple of those carnival/circus admission tickets that are used for raffle drawings and such. On the 16th of every month, on the Official Glamour Doll Eyes Facebook Page, there will be a drawing for some sort of fun, circus-related item, which I thought was a really fun idea to add a little something extra to the whole thing.

As far as the products themselves go, I have to say that I absolutely love them! You may recall from a couple of my previous posts that I have never really used loose eye shadow pigments before. I was always afraid of them because I was never sure of how to use them and how they would work, how long they would wear, etc. My main experience with them before was the MAC Crushed Metallic Pigments, which are really amazing color and texture wise but would always crease and fade and be gross looking within a couple of hours. I kind of assumed that this was typical for all loose pigments but the texture on those is completely different from these. These are amazing – the texture is like velvet due to how finely milled these pigments are. They are absolutely gorgeous. The shades in this collection are gorgeous and each one is something really different and unique from anything in my collection. First of all, the shade Cotton Candy is absolutely gorgeous – it is a bright blue shade, kind of reminiscent of Sugarpill’s Afterparty, but has gorgeous, super-fine pink glitter in it that gives it a really unique, gorgeous look. Electric Chair is also gorgeous and packs much more of a punch than many frosty white shadows with it’s silver tinge. Fiji Mermaid is a favorite of mine from the collection because it has a really cool, almost duochrome effect, where it looks blue, green or teal at any given time. My very favorite shade from the collection is Bearded Lady. I know it is yet another brown shade, which I do have a tendency to love, but this is such a unique and gorgeous brown, with it’s almost purple tint and silver reflects. This color is stunning when applied either wet or dry. Another great thing about these products is that most of them can be used both on the eyes and the lips. When you combine these pigments with some sort of clear lip gloss or even with some similarly colored lipsticks, you can do some really cool things with them. I absolutely recommend checking out Glamour Doll Eyes. You can purchase all of these and so many more Glamour Doll Eyes products at:

Since receiving my shipment from Glamour Doll Eyes, I have done a lot of experimentation with these products both on the eyes and the lips. I wanted to share a few pictures of some of these experiments with you here, as well.

A simple black liner look, smudged out with Bearded Lady for some added depth, (keep an eye out for this look in the Friday Feature this week.)
An eye look using Bearded Lady and Electric Chair.
An eye look using Bearded Lady and Electric Chair.
An eye look using Fiji Mermaid, Oddity, Big Top and Electric Chair.
An eye look using Fiji Mermaid, Oddity, Big Top and Electric Chair.
A lip look using Lover's Lane and a touch of Big Top
A lip look using Lover's Lane and a touch of Big Top
A lip look using Bearded Lady and a touch of Big Top
A lip look using Bearded Lady and a touch of Big Top
A lip look using Electric Chair and a bit of Fire Eater
A lip look using Electric Chair and a bit of Fire Eater
A lip look using Electric Chair and a bit of Fire Eater

For each of the lip looks I did here, all I did was apply Bonne Bell Liplites in Crystal Clear, then patted the pigment onto the lips and mixed them in with my fingers to mix them together. This could also be done by applying some of the gloss to a palette or the back of your hand, then mixing the pigment in there before applying to the lips. For the look with Bearded Lady and Big Top, as well as the look with Lover’s Lane and Big Top, I applied the darker colors all over the lips, then patted Big Top in the centers of the lips to give it a multi-dimensional look. Like I said, these products are very multi-purpose and are absolutely gorgeous!

The Friday Feature this week is one that I am very excited about and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! In the meantime, though, I wish you guys a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!



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