One Look For Both Winter & Summer

This week’s Work It Wednesday is a little something different from some of the Work It Wednesday posts in the past. Being that it is the beginning of the winter season, I wanted to do a little something focusing on Winter beauty looks. The issue that comes in with this whole concept for me, personally, is that I live in Florida. We don’t really have a winter here. We also don’t really have a spring or fall. We’ve got plenty of summer, though. Basically, the whole year is one big summer and the four seasons we get are “disgustingly hot,” “less disgustingly hot,” “regular hot” and “semi-confortable.” Don’t get me wrong, the warm weather can definitely be a good thing sometimes but in general it is mainly just annoying. I supposed I would feel differently about it all if I lived in Minnesota or somewhere in Canada but, since I don’t, I mainly find the warm weather to be a nuisance. To add to that nuisance, there’s not really a lot of instances here in Florida where one has a need for doing Winter looks. So, this week I decided that I would showcase one of my favorite makeup looks for the winter season. When I put this look on, though, I realized how similar it is to one of my favorite looks for the summer season. So, it only seemed right to showcase both of these looks and show how one look can be used for both seasons.

For the winter version of this look I began with more of a matte base, as is often the go-to look for skin during the winter months, by using Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Natural Beige, along with Clinique Quick Correct Concealer in Light Medium, all set with Coty Airspun Loose Powder in Translucent. I contoured the cheeks, temples and jawline using the Sedona Lace Contour & Blush palette. I always feel that contouring can be stepped up a bit during the winter months. I also added a soft touch of the soft pink blush from the Sedona Lace Contour & Blush palette for that rosy winter cheek look. On the lips I used Tarte Vitamin Infused Lip Gloss in Serenity, a bright, rosy pink color. On the eyes, I started off using Stila Matte eye shadow in Illimani, a warm reddish brown, through the crease of my eyes and blended out really well. This color was placed to add a touch of warmth to the look, as well as for a blending shade between the highlight and the darker color I was placing in the crease. That shade, of course, was Stila Matte eye shadow in Ebony, a matte black. I blended this shade up from the outer corner of the eye in a cat eye shape and blended inwards onto the outer corner of the eye and into the crease. I blended this out and re-applied and blended some more until I got the perfect desired intensity of the black and the perfect smokey effect. I also blended this color under the lower lash line about 3/4 of the way in. Next I took the Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadow pigment in Sword Swallower, a gorgeous gray/silver shade, and blended it all over the lid and into the black on the outer corner. I also blended this color on the inner 1/4 of the lower lash line. I highlighted the brow bones and the inner corner of the eye with Glamour Doll Eyes eye shadow pigment in Electric Chair, a frosty white/silver shade. Lastly, I applied Clinique Quick Liner in Black Brown on the waterline and plenty of L’oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes in Black Brown.

or the summer version of this look I went with a less matte and more sheer look for the skin using Covergirl CG Aqua Smoothers in Buff Beige, along with Clinique Quick Correct Concealer in Light Medium and set it all with a light application of Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Pressed Powder in Natural Beige. I wanted to go for a sun-kissed, high shine look for the cheeks, so I applied Tarte Mineral Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess on the high planes of the face and the apples of the cheeks. I also applied Tarte 12-hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Wonder, a soft peach with golden shimmer.  On the lips I started off with a very light coat of Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint in Moody, a deep berry shade, just to add a little bit of a deeper look to the gloss I was applying on top. On top I applied the same  For the eyes I used one of my very favorite summertime eye palettes, the Tarte Soft & Smokey Quad, filled with gorgeous warmer toned shades in the more golden family. To start off with, I applied the shade Shimmering Sable, a golden/bronze/brown shade, all over the lid. Then I placed the shade Shimmering Cocoa on the outer corner of the eye and blended upward and outward into the same cat eye shape as the black in the first look. I also blended this into the crease, as well, and did the same blend, re-apply, blend sort of technique. Then I highlighted the inner corner of the eyes and the below the brow bone using the shade Shimmering Buff. Lastly, I lined the upper and lower lash line using the shade Matte Chocolate. I did not apply any liner  to the waterlines, as those tend to melt away a bit too easily in the warm weather. The last step was plenty of Tarte Lights, Cameras, Lashes! mascara in black.

I just found it fascinating how such a similar look could be done using different shades to change it from a winter look to a summer look. It just goes to show that a lot of those different styles for different seasons concepts don’t necessarily have to apply or make that big of a difference to the styles that we wear. Essentially what I am trying to say is that pretty much every style you can come up with can be adapted to suit pretty much every situation. I just find that really interesting and fun to consider. Anyway, I do wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life.



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