The Soundtrack To The Happiest Place On Earth

Let me begin this post by saying that I am coming off of a very active weekend and am not going to get as in-depth with tonight’s post as I normally would a Music Monday post. The reason for this is simply that I am exhausted. Why am I exhausted? Why was the weekend so active? Well, this past weekend I went away on my first ever family vacation. I know that is a little odd, considering I am 28 years old, but I never had that kind of family growing up that went on vacations and such. Don’t get me wrong, we had plenty of good times growing up but we didn’t do a whole lot of travel, aside from moving. So, it was a brand new experience for me going on a little family trip for the weekend. Where we went was another brand new experience for me. In spite of living only 2 hours away from it for the past 8 years of my life, this past weekend was my very first trip to Walt Disney World. For my sister-in-law’s birthday, we decided to buy annual passes and plan a bunch of trips to Disney throughout the year. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go for me, as I had a very negative experience at Disneyland when I was a kid, (I went with a friend’s family and got lost and left behind at the park,) and hadn’t been back to a Disney park since, but I have to say that I am really glad that I did it, and really glad that I have the pass to do it several more times throughout the year! Aside from being a whole world of fun, Walt Disney World was also, in many different ways, a whole world of inspiration!

There is so much to see, so much to do, so much music and, most of all, so much joy. I have the tendency to be a bit of a bitter or cynical person at times but spending a day in the Magic Kingdom was honestly kind of awe-inspiring. Just watching people go, I saw so many faces light up when they saw different attractions or their favorite animated characters come to life in front of them. The best part, though, is the fact that I am not even talking about the children. I watched parents, teenagers and even grandparents just start to glow at the sight of what they have to know is just a Disney “Cast Member” in a costume. I mean, I still tried to walk around like I was somehow above all of that merriment but even I have to admit that I got really excited when I bumped into Winnie the Pooh in one of the shops at Epcot Center. I still kind of regret not taking a picture with him! I also really loved the fact that walking through Walt Disney World, you saw every type of person possible; black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Europeans, Gay, Straight, Trans-gendered… okay, so I didn’t actually see any trans-gendered people, but you catch my drift.

All of this Disney time got me thinking a bit, though, and I came to realize something that hadn’t really dawned on me before. Disney’s animated films, as well as many of their live-action films, are all musicals. This struck me as interesting because I have become a very big fan of all things Broadway. I love big stage spectacles as well as Broadway-inspired movie musicals or film adaptations of musicals but it never dawned on me that all of those Disney films, many of which I grew up on, have got to be some of what really started that love in me. I remember being a kid and having a whole collection of Disney soundtracks on cassette that I would just sing my heart out to. This got me thinking even more about the fact that Disney films must have inspired that same kind of love in millions of children before me and is still inspiring that type of love in kids all over the world today. Isn’t that just one of the most amazing thoughts?

It was with this in mind that I decided to do a little searching on YouTube and share some of my personal favorite songs from Disney films throughout the years. I am not going to do an individual commentary on them because, like I mentioned before, I am exhausted. Either way, I hope you enjoy this little selection of songs ranging from very early Disney to a couple of Disney’s most recent films, (including one live action sequence I just couldn’t help but include!) Also, it seems pretty clear that my main emphasis is going to be on the Disney films of the late 1980s/early 1990s, as this was the period in which I was the most avid viewer of the films and those are the ones that had the most influence on me growing up. All that having been said, let’s get on with the music!

“Someday My Prince Will Come” from “Snow White,” 1937 (as performed by Barbra Streisand)

“Baby Mine” from “Dumbo,” 1941 (as performed by Bette Midler)

“Once Upon A Time In New York City” from “Oliver & Company,” 1988 (as performed by Huey Lewis & The News)

“Part Of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid,” 1989 (Original Film Version, as performed by Jodi Benson)

“Beauty & The Beast” from “Beauty & The Beast,” 1991 (as performed by Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson)

“A Whole New World” from “Aladdin,” 1992 (Original Film Version, as performed by Brad Kane & Lea Salonga)

“Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from “The Lion King,” 1994 (as performed by Elton John)

“Colors Of The Wind” from “Pocahontas,” 1995 (as performed by Vanessa Williams)

“If I Never Knew You” from “Pocahontas,” 1995 (as performed by Shanice & Jon Secada)

“Reflection” from “Mulan,” 1998 (as performed by Christina Aguilera)

“When She Loved Me” from “Toy Story 2,” 1999 (as performed by Sarah Mclachlan)

“That’s How You Know” from “Enchanted,” 2007 (Original Film Version, as performed by Amy Adams)

“I Thought I Lost You” from “Bolt,” 2008 (as performed by Miley Cyrus & John Travolta)

“When Will My Life Begin” from “Tangled,” 2010 (as performed by Mandy Moore)

There are an endless amount of songs and musical numbers featured in Disney films that are absolutely brilliant but this is just a selection of some of my very favorites, in the versions that I like the best. I would love to hear from you guys about what your favorite Disney music has been over the years! Please feel free to comment with some of the Disney music that has inspired you throughout your life! Now, I am off to bed; Disney really took it out of me! I wish you all a beautiful night’s sleep, if you need it as much as I do, and a beautiful life!



2 thoughts on “The Soundtrack To The Happiest Place On Earth

  1. Oh, hon, you don’t know what you did. I LOVE Disney songs but I couldn’t watch the videos because Disney movies almost always make me cry. “Baby Mine” and “When She Loved Me”? Forget about it! I’ll be blubbering for at least ten minutes. I’m actually planning a creekside recommitment ceremony and will have my most beloved Disney song playing when I walk down into the water: “So This Is Love” sung by James Ingram. That’s the song that Cinderella and her prince sang as they danced at the ball. Heave…sigh. I get teary just thinking about it.

    1. Oh wow, that re-commitment ceremony sounds beautiful and that song is perfect for any type of wedding, commitment ceremony, etc. I don’t know that I’ll have the option of getting married any time in the near future but I have always said that if I ever do have a wedding or ceremony I would walk down the aisle to the song “Be” by Jessica Simpson. ( if you aren’t familiar!)

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