What A Drag!

Monday is commonly known as the most dreaded day of the week and, in many ways, I can understand why. While the return to work portion of the week is definitely dreadful, I am always really excited for Monday evenings! You see, for most of the year, Monday is my favorite evening to spend in front of the TV! There are two very good reasons for this; the first is “Pretty Little Liars” and the second is the inspiration for this post, one of my very favorite shows on television, “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” which is premiering it’s new season tonight! “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is a reality competition series on the Logo Network, hosted, executive produced and judged by the world’s most famous drag queen, RuPaul. The show is set up as a take on “America’s Next Top Model,” except that all of the contestants are not models or women but fun, fabulous, fierce drag queens! It is one of the most entertaining hours of television one can find and I highly recommend everybody check it out!

The reason I post about this show on Music Monday is because the show has actually opened up a whole new world for drag performers; so many of the queen’s featured on the show have gone on to release singles of their own. This is amazing because up to this point, aside from a few rare exceptions including RuPaul herself, drag performers have strictly been lip sync artists and never had so much opportunity to perform for themselves, using their own voices and expressing their true selves through music. So, I decided it would be fun to feature some of the singles these queens have released. Some are kind of dreadful, some are boring but some are absolutely brilliant and fun! I am not going to do individual commentaries on them but I will make mention of my favorites at the end of the post.










So, there you have a whole collection of tracks by drag queens and contestants from “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” I’m really excited for tonight’s premiere and a whole selection of new queens for another season. Like I mentioned above, some of these tracks are really not great, or are just really middle of the road, but there are a few tracks here that I absolutely LOVE! As I’ve mentioned here on the blog in the past, I have always been a huge fan of RuPaul’s music and “Champion,” featured above, is one of my very favorite tracks of hers! I also love the fact that the video features the final 3 from Season 3, including my very favorite “Drag Race” contestant of all three seasons, Raja. Speaking of Raja, my very favorite of the tracks featured in this post is most definitely her single, “Diamond Crowned Queen.” I think the video is absolutely gorgeous, too! I love Raja the most because she is one of the most creative queens I have ever seen and really puts a lot of genuine artistry into her drag work. Probably my second favorite “Drag Race: contestant is also the artist behind my second favorite song above, Pandora Boxx! Her track, “Cooter” is fun and hilarious, and really personifies Pandora’s whole image as a performer and a queen. I also feel like, of all the songs featured above, it is the one that sounds the most like a real, honest-to-God song and less like some fluff thrown together to capitalize on their success on the show. I am also a really big fan of the songs “Hot Couture” by Manila Luzon, “Pump With Me”  by Sahara Davenport and “You Like It Wild” by Jessica Wild. Tatianna’s track “Touch” is also pretty decent and BeBe Zahara Benet’s track “I’m the Shit” is a lot of fun, as well!

I hope you all got some enjoyment out of this post and maybe found some really catchy, fun new music to enjoy! I also hope that you all go check out “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” airing Monday nights on Logo! Check your local listings, folks! In the meantime, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!



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