Songs For The Lonely: A Mini (Bonus) Beausic Original Playlist

For this week’s Music Monday I decided to do something a little extra special for the blog: a Mini Bonus Beausic Original Playlist! The reason I decided to do this is because the Beausic Original Playlist for February was primarily focused on the joy and celebration of falling in/being in love but it only barely touched on the other side of the spectrum; the many, myself included, who are not in love and are alone for Valentine’s Day. These are all songs that I considered including in the February Beausic Original Playlist, posted a couple of weeks ago, but decided against because they didn’t fit the overall theme of it. This could kind of be considered the “bonus tracks” for that playlist. This is a collection of songs on the topic of being alone and/or lonely. All that having been said, let’s get on with the playlist!

Songs  For The Lonely: A Mini Beausic Original Playlist

  1. Courtney Love – “Uncool”
  2. Ashley Tisdale – “How Do You Love Someone”
  3. Simon Curtis – “Don’t Wanna Be Alone”
  4. Beyonce – “Scared Of Lonely”
  5. Janet Jackson – “I Get Lonely”
  6. Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera – “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely”
  7. Adam Lambert – “Pick U Up”
  8. Ashlee Simpson – “Dancing Alone”
  9. Brandy – “Gonna Find My Love”
  10. Cher – “Song For The Lonely”

As I mentioned above, this playlist is all about being alone or being lonely but I like to think that, by the end, it also carries a theme of hope. I try not to focus on the whole “being alone” thing for Valentine’s Day but living in a house with two couples, as well as just kind of being surrounded by people in pairs and such, it can be difficult not to focus on it this time of year. It is not something that is weighing me down or anything, though. I am simply holding out hope that when the time is right, and when the person is right, things will work out exactly as they are meant to – a theme you will find in some of these songs.

1.   Courtney Love – “Uncool” – This was my very favorite song from Courtney Love’s first, and thus far, only solo album. I love this song because it expresses a feeling of almost desperation to have something, some reason, to write a love song. It is about that desire to write a love song even if it can be looked at as uncool to express those types of emotions in this world sometimes.

2.   Ashley Tisdale – “How Do You Love Someone” – This is a song about not being in love and being alone because you just don’t really know how to love or be loved properly. So many people just never had proper examples of love or aren’t aware of what it should feel like or how it should be done and this is one of the very few songs I can ever remember hearing about this topic. Fascinating that it comes from a Disney Channel pop star, too.

3.   Simon Curtis – “Don’t Wanna Be Alone” – This is one of my very favorite songs on the topic of loneliness. I love that it is filled with fire, anger and determination to not wind up alone in life. My favorite part of the song is the lyrics in the second verse, when he says, “I get scared sometimes when I see all the connections happening around me that fate will evade me, that time will betray me. That future I just don’t want to see.” This is definitely something that I can relate to.

4.   Beyonce – “Scared Of Lonely” – This is one of my very favorite songs by Beyonce, who I am not a massive fan of but whose music I have enjoyed a lot of over the years. This song seemed perfect for inclusion here because it is about a feeling that so many people deal with, whether or not they are in a  relationship, and this is the fear of being left alone and being overwhelmed by feelings of loneliness. This is not a song I particularly relate to myself but is one that I know many people can.

5.   Janet Jackson – “I Get Lonely” – This is a song about being lonely after losing somebody you loved. It is not something that I particularly relate to right  now in my life but is a song that I spent a good deal of time with in the past. In particular, a few years ago, when a specific relationship I was in ended, I spent a good deal of time feeling quite depressed about the whole thing and this song was one that I listened to a LOT at that time.

6.   Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera – “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely” – First of all, this song was a very unexpected and surprising but brilliant collaboration between Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera. This is a gorgeous Latin-infused pop song about two people coming together to soothe their loneliness for a while. I absolutely love this song and have very much had the experience described in the song in the past.

7.   Adam Lambert – “Pick U Up” – I absolutely adore this song because it is like a joyful celebration of just the sheer act of having faith and hope for a new love that you know is coming eventually. Of all the tracks on this playlist, this is probably the one that I relate to the most. I try my best to remind myself frequently of the fact that I genuinely do have a great deal of faith in the fact that great love is on it’s way to me.

8.   Ashlee Simpson – “Dancing Alone” – This is another song that I have related to for a long time now, as well. I almost didn’t even include this one because it is so similar to the Adam Lambert song, in terms of it’s theme and subject matter, but I feel like this one is different in the sense that it kind of puts more of a focus on being out looking for somebody and coming across so many that just aren’t the one you are waiting for, because God knows we do come across so many different people in our lives and look at so many people as possibilities but you kind of know when you come across the ones who are going to mean something to you.

9.   Brandy – “Gonna Find My Love” – This song is kind of a much happier, more celebratory take on the same theme from Simon Curtis’ “Don’t Wanna Be Alone,” included above. It is like a celebration of the determination one feels about finding somebody to love. It is a gorgeous song and a personal anthem of mine at many points since it came out. It is also one of my favorite tracks that Brandy has ever recorded and a shame that it never got a proper release on one of her records.

10. Cher – “Song For The Lonely” – This is one of my very favorite songs of Cher’s career, as well as another personal anthem of mine. This is a song about holding out hope for the love that you long for, as well as an affirmation that none of us are truly alone in life. We are all in this together. We are also all surrounded with love, no matter how much we may not feel it or see it all the time. I absolutely love this song and find it a great comfort when I do have times of feeling lonely.

Like I said, I felt really compelled to include this extra playlist on the blog, or this selection of “bonus tracks” to the February Beausic Original Playlist! I hope you all enjoy it, whether you are happily in a relationship, married, committed, etc., or if you are single. In the meantime, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!


P.S. Of course, this probably seems like an odd choice for this week’s Music Monday, considering the 54th Annual Grammy Awards were last night, as well as one of music’s greatest divas, Whitney Houston, passing away over the weekend. Don’t worry, I am working on it. Keep an eye out because that IS coming up!


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