Reflecting On Music’s Biggest Night!

Last Sunday night was one of my favorite nights of the year: The 54th Annual Grammy Awards!!! This year’s Grammy Awards ceremony was kind of an unusual night. First of all, there was definitely a more somber tone to the whole event after the tragic loss of one of the greatest divas of our generation, Whitney Houston, and it became a bit of a strange focus of the whole event. In fact, after a brilliant opening number from Bruce Springsteen, (complete with Gaga rocking out like crazy in the audience,) the show was opened with the host, LL Cool J, stopping everything to lead the crowd in prayer. Now, I am not a particularly religious person and I assume many of those in attendance weren’t either. While I understand the sentiment and the gesture, I couldn’t help but feel like this was kind of inappropriate. This year’s Grammy Awards also included something I was not happy about at all; the return of Chris Brown. This kid has not been invited to the Grammys for the past few years, since the incident of physical violence against Rihanna, which happened on Grammy night 2008. I understand that people make mistakes and all but I will never understand the willingness of the public to forgive male stars who have been proven or have admitted to violence against women. I just don’t understand it.

Another unusual thing about this year’s Grammy ceremony is the fact that they really didn’t let the telecast get bogged down with any of those silly, superfluous time-wasters like, you know, giving out actual awards! I found it really odd that they didn’t broadcast very many awards being given outside of the major categories. Since the actual awards ceremony didn’t focus much on this topic, I figured I wouldn’t in this post, either. I also don’t want to let my bitterness show about 2 of the major categories. I will just say, though, who the hell is Bon Iver?! Best New Artist belonged to Nicki Minaj and I was really sad not to see her win it. The other one I wanted to mention was Album Of The Year. I get that Adele has had a massive year. I also get that Adele created an amazing album that absolutely deserves an Album Of The Year award… just not this year. This was the third year in a row that Lady Gaga was nominated for Album Of The Year, and the third year in a row that Gaga did not win. I was disappointed the past two years that she didn’t win, too, but this year was a particular disappointment because “Born This Way” is just such a brilliant, powerful, positive album that I felt was absolutely the most deserving of the title of Album Of The Year. Such is life, though. I am just going to start calling her Gaga Lucci.

So, first of all, let’s take a look at some of my personal favorite fashion and beauty looks from last night’s awards ceremony, as well as my personal highlights in terms of performances! Unfortunately, I had initially planned on including videos of my favorite performances from the show but every time I found one that looked halfway decent the next time I looked it was pulled from YouTube for copyright issues. I found some really great footage on DailyMotion but they wouldn’t embed here on the blog, so I finally just gave up on that idea, which sucks because it would have made much more of an impact to include actual videos of the performances.

I absolutely loved Taylor Swift’s natural, effervescent makeup look at the Grammy’s and the fact that she wore such a classic, old school, down-home look. It was not necessarily the greatest awards show look, or the most glamorous look, but I felt it was a really lovely, natural, ethereal sort of look. This whole vibe was also reflected in her performance of one of my favorite songs of hers, “Mean.”

Another favorite performance of the night for me was Bruno Mars’ performance of his song “Runaway.” I wasn’t overly familiar with this particular song but kind of fell in love with it as I saw the performance. It was a really fun, energetic, throwback-style performance that really spice up the whole first portion of the show! I also absolutely loved the fact that he actually shouted out in the midst of his performance, “Get off your rich asses and dance!” I just thought it was nice to see somebody on his level acknowledging the fact that, hey, this is a whole room full of exorbitantly wealthy people.

It wasn’t necessarily one of my favorite looks of the evening but I couldn’t really make this post without acknowledging Rihanna’s look. I did feel like she had a really gorgeous, glowing look and that hair is something that I actually like more and more the more I look at it! I also really fell in love with her performance of “We Found Love,” and, as much as I don’t care much for Coldplay, I also really loved their performance and thought that Chris Martin’s vocals were absolutely flawless.

Speaking of Chris Martin, I make no secret of how in love I am with his wife, the stunning Gwyneth Paltrow. I only wish she had been nominated for a Grammy or two herself for her gorgeous vocal performances from the film “Country Strong.” Still, she showed up to the Grammys and presented looking like a gorgeous, statuesque bronzed goddess. I absolutely loved her look!

Another highlight of the show for me was the duet between Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean, of their song “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” I have to say that Kelly looks like kind of a mess in this performance but that’s really not what Kelly is all about, anyway. What Kelly IS all about is her absolutely flawless vocal performance. Seriously, she sounded absolutely stunning. Jason Aldean was a little off, if I am being honest, but Kelly carried the performance beautifully.

One of my personal highlights of the show were the 2 performances by a band that I have loved since I was a tween, Foo Fighters. Their first performance was great but was was really mind-blowingly brilliant for me was their collaborative performance with one of the hottest DJs in the world right now, deadmau5. Their performance was just a brilliant blend of their individual styles, unlike the attached performance by Chris Brown and David Guetta, which was just very typical David Guetta style dance/house performance.

Adam Levin of Maroon 5 was definitely my pick for best dressed/sexiest male of the evening. I also was in love with the combination performance by Maroon 5, Foster The People and the reunion of the Beach Boys! The main thing I took away from this performance, though, was that the Beach Boys seemed kind of lost and out of place in the midst of this performance, especially after the pretty flawless tribute performances that Maroon 5 and Foster The People did. Also, can I just say how great the combination of Maroon 5 & Foster The People was – they worked perfectly together and their performances flowed together beautifully. There were actually a few other of these performances that were half tribute, half performance from the person being honored. Paul McCartney did a performance of one of his newer songs, as well as closing the show with a medley of Beatles songs. He was good but I’ll admit both his performances were kind of boring. The real star of these style performances, to me, was Glen Campbell! Glen Campbell sounded amazing – it was almost like listening to one of his records from back in the day! It seemed really random that Glen Campbell was even being featured initially but when he came out, he absolutely killed his performance!

One of my favorite looks of Grammy night was definitely Carrie Underwood’s! I loved her dress and her simple, classic hair and makeup. I particularly loved the fact that she stayed really true to her own look and her own style but was still really fresh and beautiful! Carrie is always really fresh and beautiful but there was definitely an added elegance to her look on this particular evening. Carrie also did a really gorgeous duet with Tony Bennett on the show, just doing some old standard, (although I forget which one,) but they both sounded amazing. Unfortunately, Carrie was the only one who looked amazing.

Now, let’s talk about my girl, Nicki Minaj – first of all, I was very disappointed in the fact that she, if I may be frank, GOT ROBBED!!! I couldn’t have imagined any of those other artists taking the award over Nicki. She has had a massive year and is one of the freshest, most interesting new artists to have emerged in 2011. It was definitely a disappointment to me. Now, of course, we also have to discuss Nicki’s performance. First of all, I know that I am in the minority but I actually enjoyed the performance. It wasn’t my favorite of the night but I thought she brought something interesting to the evening. Sure, the performance was a little Gaga-esque. It was also a little “Like A Prayer.” Still, the performance was still undeniably Nicki. Essentially, the concept was that Nicki was possessed by Roman, one of her most prominent rap “characters” and the focus of many of her songs, including the two she combined for this performance “Roman’s Revenge” and “Roman Holiday.” There is a priest trying to exorcise Roman from her but in the end it doesn’t work because Roman is just a part of who she is. I thought it was a brilliant concept and, in spite of it’s similarities to some other artists’ past works, I thought it got it’s message across and was a really strong performance! Nicki also took a note from Gaga and kept in character for the performance for the entire evening, complete with arriving with some sort of clergyman. I thought it was actually really good.

I also really loved Fergie’s gorgeous, latin-inspired gown, although it could be considered a little less than classy for an event such as the Grammys. Still, it wasn’t obscene or anything and while it may have pushed the edges of good taste at an awards show the garment itself was beautiful enough to garner best dressed awards from not only me but actual fashion publications and such.

Probably my favorite performance of the night, as well as one of my favorite looks of the night, came from one of my very favorite modern pop stars, Katy Perry. I absolutely loved the way she intertwined her over the top style, like having Blue Hair, and her modern pinup makeup style with an elegant updo and gorgeous, unique gown. I thought she did an amazing job of dressing herself up for a major event but also staying true to her individual style. As far as her performance, while it was a tad unoriginal to go with the outer space theme, I thought she did a gorgeous job of presenting and, I believe, world premiering her brand new single “Part Of Me” to the public. The performance, while lip-synched, did a really great job of expressing the emotion behind the song. Also, let me just say, the song is absolutely gorgeous and I am kind of obsessed with it right now.

Of course one cannot do a post about an awards show without mentioning Lady Gaga. The 54th Annual Grammy Awards were a surprisingly subdued night for Gaga. Still, she had a really gorgeous, kind of classic Parisian-influenced look that was absolutely gorgeous and absolutely Gaga. Like I mentioned above, I was very disappointed with the fact that she did not win Album of the Year because “Born This Way” was, in my opinion, by far the best record of 2011. Apparently, it was just not in the cards for Gaga again this year and Gaga remains the Susan Lucci of the Grammy’s.

Last but not least, comes the big winner of the night, Adele! First of all, Adele looked absolutely gorgeous! She appears to have lost a good deal of weight since last I saw her and is looking considerably more svelte. Her hair and makeup were pretty flawless and, for a woman who allegedly lost her voice, (which I kind of call BS on,) she gave an absolutely gorgeous, flaw-free vocal performance. Her vocals were amazing, her look was amazing, her album “21” was amazing and she was definitely deserving of every award she received… even Album Of The Year, (aside from “Born This Way.”) I loved her look so much that I decided to create a tutorial for it! Check it out below!

I also just wanted to mention that you may have noticed that I created a new intro for my YouTube channel, using Simon Curtis’ song “Put Your Makeup On” as the theme song, because I have always felt that this song represents what I want to represent with my blog and YouTube channel and such. I think it is a pretty cool little intro – it’s not flawless but I like it! Please let me know what you guys think of it!

Anyway, like I mentioned above, this year’s Grammy ceremony was a little unusual but I still thought it was a really good show! I loved the fact that there were so many artists that I adore performing and nominated this year! It was really great to see so many artists that I adore being recognized for work that I have been recognizing all along. I am already excited for next year’s Grammy Awards, which I am fully anticipating being a Lana Del Grammy Ceremony because her album is incredible and absolutely deserving of such accolades! So… I can’t wait for that! In the meantime, I wish you all a beautiful weekend and a beautiful life!



One thought on “Reflecting On Music’s Biggest Night!

  1. Hey sweets! You’re so right about Adele deserving those wins; talk about turning lemons into lemonade. I was just glad to hear that someone with REAL talent won. No 808s, autotuning, or gimmicks needed. Gaga does look fantastic, like she’s holding court. I’m not a G.P. fan so I’ll skip that’n but Adam Levin is tres sexual. He looks like he’s been practicing his sexy rocker pose since he was 13.

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