Spotlight: Nicki Minaj

For the “Spotlight” post for March I wanted to feature an artist with really fun style and really fun music. My initial thought was to do Gaga, which I’m sure I will do eventually, but I am really tentative about because when I do Gaga I really want to make sure to do her justice. […]

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March New Album Leak Reviews

So, March was a slow month for new singles. Basically, aside from the new Justin Bieber single “Boyfriend” that was released just today, (which I kind of love, by the way,) it was kind of a lot of the same stuff – leaks from the new Nicki Minaj album, (which I am expecting to be […]

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My Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

You’ll notice that for the past several Work It Wednesday posts I have made some sort of video for the Beausic YouTube Channel, (which I would really appreciate if you would PLEASE  subscribe to,)  and this is because I really want to develop my YouTube channel into something really great. I have a whole slew […]

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Buzz Artist: Alexz Johnson

In selecting the Buzz Artist for the month of March, I was a little concerned about what choice could be made. It seems that music has been somewhat devoid of really interesting new artists and I was kind of struggling to figure out an artist who was up-and-coming and worth actually devoting an entire post […]

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Keepin’ It Country

As I mentioned in last week’s Friday Feature, although I do post a lot about pop music on this blog, I am also a very big fan of a lot of other styles of music. Last week I did a whole feature on female rock artists. For this week’s Friday Feature I decided to follow […]

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