The Beginning Of My Weight Loss Journey

So, I have recently made the decision to, for the first time in my life, attempt to lose some weight. Anybody who has seen me and/or followed this blog can tell that I am overweight. I am not just overweight but I am what would be considered obese, perhaps even morbidly obese. So, finally, I have decided that it is time to change that. I have been kind of back and forth on whether or not this was something to discuss here on the blog but I have decided that this is something to be discussed here on the blog for a few different reasons. First of all, I wanted to talk about this here as a way to kind of share my story with the world and document the progress I am making throughout this whole journey. Second of all, I wanted to share this whole thing here because this blog is all about music and beauty, and this is definitely a matter of beauty. I mean, more than anything it is a matter of health but there is definitely a good deal of vanity involved, as well. As I mention in the video featured below, a good portion of this whole thing and my “thinspiration” is getting down to a size where I can wear designer clothes and be in a size that designers actually create for. I am really excited about this whole journey and really excited to share in it with you all! In the video below, I discuss probably the biggest tool in my arsenal for this weight loss journey, as well as the progress I have made so far, (15 pounds in 27 days!)

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal

Calorie Counter App for iPhone

Calorie Counter App for Android

Calorie Counter App for Blackberry

Calorie Counter App for Windows/Zune

Like I mentioned above, I am really excited to be on this journey and to share the whole process with you all! Also, as I mentioned in the video, if you decide to try losing weight yourself and, in particular, if you decide to use this app, please get in contact with me! I would love to create a little network of people heading on this same journey together! All of my online contact information is included in the sidebar of the blog! In the meantime, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!



3 thoughts on “The Beginning Of My Weight Loss Journey

  1. Fifteen pounds in less than a month?! That is amazing! If I did that I’d never get any sleep, lol. If I could just stop drinking Cokes (and eating sausage and fried everything), I’d be alright. I need to quit smoking, too. Eh, one vice at a time. As far as wanting to get into designer clothes, I’m not mad at you. If you don’t like it, change it, dust it off, hell, buy a new one. As long as you’re satisfied with yourself in the end.

    1. Yeah, soda is a BIG vice of mine! For the first couple of weeks I had cut it out altogether but have since switched to diet soda (Diet Mountain Dew is my new BFF,) and that has made a massive difference in my calorie intake! I REALLY miss fried chicken and chinese food, tho! I have been craving both more than anything. I have allowed myself the chinese a couple of times but am scared to death of fried chicken. I can’t even begin to imagine how many calories are in just a single piece of fried chicken! But yeah… I should probably quit smoking eventually, too. I am definitely not ready for all that, tho. I don;t even really want to at this point, which I guess is why it seems like too much for me to handle. I kinda have the feeling that as I get more and more into the exercise side of things I’ll probably start feeling more of a desire to quit, tho, due to shortness of breath and such. We’ll see.

      1. See! I told my husband I’m not the only person in the world who doesn’t really want to quit. The only time I could succesfully quit is when I was pregnant and, no. Hell naw. Be careful with the diet sodas, they have just as much sugar as the regular ones. Fruit juices, too. I got my rings upgraded betting Hubby that my Coke didn’t have as much sugar as his orange juice. That’s why I’m not mad about the trip ;). Are you baking your meals more? If so, try adding different herbs and spices to them. Baking meat that I’d otherwise fry was hard but it did give me a chance to try herbs I normally didn’t use. I made a roast tonight with thyme that was so tender I impressed myself and I’m making Ginger-Mint tea tomorrow. If you have a Cash Saver store or Piggly Wiggly in your area, they have little packs of refridgerated herbs for 80 cents each. I don’t know where to find a better deal than that other than growing your own and I am not getting in that sun this year. What I wish is that I still had my old Tae-Bo DVDs. I tried Zumba once and it’s fun but I’ll HAVE to stop smoking before I do that shit again. Geebus!

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