Spotlight: P!nk

It is the last Friday of September and you all must know by now what that means. It’s time for the Spotlight artist for the month of September! Every month I try to really take a look at the artists who are really hot at the moment and who are doing really cool things or […]

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Then & Now: Sugababes

It’s time again for another installment of my newest monthly feature here at Beausic, the “Then & Now” series! For anyone who isn’t familiar or may have mused the previous posts, the “Then & Now” series is all about showcasing artists who have been around for a long time and the highlighting the differences in […]

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Buzz Artist: Rita Ora

Before going into the Buzz Artist for the month of September, I needed to take a moment to discuss some serious changes taking place to the format of Music Monday posts moving forward. I came to this decision a while back but wasn’t entirely certain until I received a sign in the form of a […]

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