Weight Loss Update #8

It’s time again for my weight loss update for October! It has been 9 months now that I’ve been on this weight loss journey and this past month was a really major turning point in the whole thing. S*** got real, in a lot of ways, and I came to realize that some of the excitement and some of the progress that I thought I had made before wasn’t actually really. Check out the video for all the details and the adjustments I have made in my routines based on this realization. This is a really long video, I understand, but I definitely think you should stick around to the end – it gets pretty major there, including some motivational speaking and expletive laden ranting and rambling!

As always, I have also updated the Weight Loss Progress photo collage! What I noticed most in updating this month is not only the progress in my weight loss journey but the progress I have made in my photography skills! Seriously, check out the difference between February and October’s picture quality! I’m kind of proud of myself for that!

So, there you have another weight loss update! Like I said in the video, in spite of the setbacks I have faced recently, I am still really dedicated to this whole process, (probably even more dedicated than before,) and am really happy with where I’ve gotten at this point! To add another quote to all the ones included in the video, from the theme song to “The Only Way Is Essex,” “the only way is up, baby!” lol. I had initially planned a double Work It Wednesday this week to also feature another requested tutorial but I kind of ran out of time to get it done, so that will have to pop up as another bonus post sometime soon, so keep an eye out for that! I am also really excited for this week’s Friday Feature! I say that every week, I know, but this particular one is REALLY special to me and one I am kind of bursting at the seams to share with you all! So, definitely keep an eye out for that on Friday! In the meantime, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!



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