This Month In Music: October

It is time for the second installment of my new video series, “This Month In Music,” which you may recall is replacing the “New Single & Leak Roundup” posts we used to do here at Beausic at the end of every month! I went into this video with every intention of making it considerably shorter than last month’s “This Month In Music” video, which was over 16 minutes long. Unfortunately, in terms of the video, October was a pretty big month in music and, well… what was intended as a shorter video actually wound up about 3 minutes longer than the last! Whoopsie Daisies! Check out the video below!

I also put together a Spotify playlist featuring highlights of some of the music discussed in this video, as well as a few other highlights of October that I simply didn’t have time to get to in the video! Unfortunately, probably the biggest highlight of October, for me personally, was a track that is not available on Spotify in the US, “Something New” by Girls Aloud, so I have included the music video below, as well!

So, there you have October 2012, “This Month In Music!” I am really liking doing these in video form instead of actually written out posts! It is kind of fun for me to get to sit here and talk about music for nearly 20 minutes without somebody getting irritated with me or something! I really hope you guys can get a kick out of these, as well! I also wanted to mention that I think we have a really fun week ahead here at Beausic! It is Halloween week and I have special Halloween-themed posts planned for both Work It Wednesday and the Friday Feature (even though Halloween will have passed by Friday!) so keep an eye out for those! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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