10 Reasons Why I Love Lana Del Rey (& You Should, Too!)

So, it was a long and busy (but awesome) weekend that just passed and I didn’t have the most time in the world to get something prepared for Music Monday. I had already planned on this week being a video post, I just hadn’t planned on what a quickie video it would be! Still, I wanted to do something in honor of today/tomorrow being the release date for the new re-release of my favorite album of 2012, Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die.” “Born To Die: The Paradise Edition” features 8 brand  new tracks from Lana, as well as the full original version of “Born To Die.” If there is any album from 2012 that I recommend above any others, this would be it! It is essential listening for any lover of music, as far as I am concerned. Still, Lana has yet to pick up steam with the masses. So, I threw together a little video listing 10 reasons why I love Lana Del Rey & you should, too!

Like I mentioned before, this video was done kind of “on the fly” so it’s not my best work but I hope it  was enjoyable enough for you all. Even more, though, I hope it may have convinced a few of you to actually check out “Born To Die: The Paradise Edition,” because I just know your minds will be blown! It truly is an exquisite collection of music that I think everybody needs to hear! So, you know, GO GET IT! While you’re working on that, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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