This Month In Music: November

It’s time again for what is becoming one of my favorite, (and most long-winded,) posts of the month – This Month In Music! There is something about just getting to sit down and talk about the music that I have been loving over the past month that I absolutely love! This month gave me a LOT to talk about, too, with huge new releases from several of my favorite artists and some albums that I have been waiting FOREVER to finally hear! So, let’s not hold back and get right into it all!

Alicia Keys – “Girl On Fire”
Rihanna – “Unapologetic”
Nicki Minaj – “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up”
One Direction – “Take Me Home”
Little Mix – “DNA”
Tulisa – “The Female Boss”
Girls Aloud – “Ten”
Kelly Clarkson – “Greatest Hits – Chapter 1” & “The Smoakstack Session, Volume 2″Le
Christina Aguilera – “Lotus”
Lana Del Rey – “Born To Die: The Paradise Edition”
Cher – “Woman’s World” (Single)
LeAnn Rimes – “What Have I Done” (Single)
Ashlee Simpson – “Bat For A Heart” (Single)
Jessie J – “Silver Lining (Crazy ‘Bout You)” (Single)

I didn’t actually put together a Spotify playlist for this month because, to be quite frank, the majority of the music discussed this month isn’t available on Spotify in the US. I mean, a lot of it is but all of my very favorite stuff from November is not available because it’s British! I know you guys must have noticed by now that I have a bit of an obsession with British music. I sometimes worry that I am going to alienate all of my blog followers and YouTube subscribers because of my British obsession, since I do so many looks and feature so much music from artists that most Americans aren’t actually familiar with but I figure I just have to do what I feel strongly about and, perhaps, I will get some people familiar with these artists!

In any sense, like I said before, November was a HUGE month for music. I’d say probably the biggest of 2012, in fact. It’s definitely between November and May, because May was a pretty huge month, too. Still, I think November takes the cake! Of course, that made for yet another crazy long “This Month In Music” video and I think I am just resigning myself to the fact that these are going to be really long videos every month – they still get a decent amount of views in comparison to my average video, so I don’t think it’s an issue at this point! I definitely hope you guys are enjoying them, though. Like I said in the beginning of this post, they are really becoming one of my very favorite posts to do every month so I hope it’s not entirely one-sided! I also wanted to mention that I have a pretty cool week planned here at Beausic, I think. I’m pretty excited about it all! Like I hinted at in last week’s Friday Feature, it’s time for another “Spotlight” post this week and I am pretty excited about this one! I think it’s gonna serve up something different and really cool! I am also really excited about a pretty major Work It Wednesday post this week! So, keep an eye out this week because there is definitely going to be tons of stuff you won’t want to miss! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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