A Brief Rant On The Love Of Pop Music

So, it’s a double Music Monday! This wasn’t really something that I had planned on doing and this week was only supposed to be the video about “American Idol” that I posted a little earlier today but I saw a tweet from one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter, @SamLansky, (who I highly recommend everybody give a follow because he is absolutely brilliant and hilarious,) that kind of got stuck in my head and that I felt really compelled to speak on a bit myself. This tweet read, “I hope the day never comes when I cease to be profoundly moved by teen pop music.” Obviously, this was a concept that automatically resonated with me, so I knew I needed to talk about it a little bit with you guys… so here it is!

So, yeah… it was just a little random thought process in my head that I really needed to get out and I felt like this was an appropriate place for it, considering it is Music Monday and all! So, I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope you guys are ready for a pretty awesome week of content here at Beausic! I’m excited for it! How about you? While we wait on all of that new content, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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