Farewell, Girls Aloud

This week the Friday Feature is a very different post than usual; it is a much more somber occasion than usual. This is a bit of an “In Memoriam,” post, honoring the death of something that has meant so much to me and millions of others across the world. The death of my second favorite […]

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Spring Into Pop!

So, here it is, folks – the very first in my newly redesigned Friday Features here on Beausic! Basically, the Friday Feature is becoming a regular-sized post like the Monday & Wednesday posts! Essentially, this just means that I will be doing a video (or 2) with some notes and such, following a specific theme […]

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Madonna Makeup Series #11: “Paradise (Not For Me)” Drowned World Tour Makeup Tutorial

It’s that time of month again, folks! Time for the next installment in my Madonna makeup series! This month we are finally into the 2000s, with Madonna’s 2001 album, “Music.” When initially planning out this series, this was one period of Madonna’s career that I was having trouble figuring out a look to recreate from. […]

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