Flop Of The Month Club #3: Nadine Coyle – “Insatiable”

It’s time again for the third installment in my newest monthly feature here at Beausic, the “Flop of the Month Club,” in which we celebrate a brilliant pop record, (in general,) that unfortunately did not sell very well… to put it kindly. To put it less kindly, these albums are FLOPS! Of course, being a flop does not equate to being bad and that is the whole reason for this series. For the Flop of the Month for the month of March, I knew that I wanted to somehow theme it around Saint Patrick’s Day but I wasn’t sure exactly how to do that… then it dawned on me – select a flop from an Irish artist! Initially I had thought of featuring perhaps the biggest flops in pop history, “Ultimate High,” by Carly Hennessy, who would later change her name to Carly Smithson when she competed on “American Idol” and later became the lead singer of We Are The Fallen alongside previous members of Evanescence. Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble tracking down that album again and was quickly sidetracked when I realized that there was another Irish-born artist who I love, (and is a member of my second favorite girl group of all-time,) Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud, who released an album that I loved but that totally flopped, called “Insatiable.” As soon as I realized this, I immediately knew that this album had to be the Flop of the Month for March! Check it out below!

As mentioned in the video, this album is not available on Spotify so I was unable to share it as a playlist here as I usually do, however Google is your friend. As also mentioned in the video, I wasn’t entirely sure at the time of filming this video as to whether or not there would be a Friday Feature this week. I have since decided, though, that I am going to further legitimize my being on vacation by taking a mini-blog vacation, as well, and skipping that post. So, sorry about that but that will be the only post missing! I also have a pretty spectacular Friday Feature planned for NEXT Friday that you should all look forward to! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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