The End Of An Era (& The Start Of Something New)

So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about a lot of things and a lot of realizing that I could use a lot of change in my life. Now, I won’t bore you with details of my personal life or anything of that nature because that is not what this post, or this blog, is about, however I bring it up because this thinking and these realizations have led me to some decisions in reference to this blog, as well as my YouTube Channel. The reason these things tie together so much is because this blog is actually a really huge and extremely important part of my life.

You see, I saw an episode of “Oprah’s Life Class” shortly after starting the blog that made a profound impression on me. In this episode, Oprah talked about Lady Gaga, one of my biggest influences in life, and how she was an example of somebody who had found their purpose in life. She talked about the fact that we all have to be constantly pursuing our purpose in life. She also said that the way that we know that something is our purpose is because we will feel passionate about it in a way we don’t about the rest of things in our life and, even if we can’t afford to quit our jobs and pursue those things as a profession we need to make use of our free time in the pursuit of those things.

That struck me so strongly because that, to me, was exactly what this blog is all about for me. This blog is my way of pursuing my purpose in life – it combines my passions for both music and beauty, as well as an additional, less talked about passion of mine, writing. So, I have attacked this blog in a pretty major way and poured so much of my energy and focus into making it the very best that I can and I still fully pursue making this the very best quality blog that I can.

That has, however, come at a bit of a cost.

I feel like, in many ways, something has been lost throughout the course of maintaining this blog for the past year and a half. What has been lost is my sense of self in these passions of mine. That sounds really heavy, doesn’t it? It’s not actually that bad but I feel like I have become really wrapped up in the very structured schedule I have created for this blog and I have really dedicated myself to showcasing looks and music from artists who I have gathered so much inspiration from over the years, which has really been a joy, however I think I have finally hit a point where I feel like I may be over-doing it. It has been painfully obvious to me for quite some time now that, while the YouTube channel continues to thrive, this blog remains stagnant, mostly unread. While I have no intention of removing the blog element or anything of that nature, I have come to the decision that I am going to cut back on it considerably.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still be sticking to the current Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule, however the Friday Features, in which I normally recreate 5-7 different looks from celebrities, are going to become something very different than they have been up to this point. There are several different reasons for this but perhaps the biggest of these reasons is the fact that I feel like this has gotten to a point where it is just far too restrictive. Over the past week, while I have been on vacation, I have been doing makeup everyday, as I always do, only I kind of realized all of sudden, “Hey, I can’t remember the last time I sat down and did MY makeup!” I have dedicated the makeup I wear every day to recreating looks from other people and, like I said before, it has been a joy, however it almost kind of felt like I had lost a sense of my own style in the midst of doing all these different celebrity-inspired looks and such. I just suddenly became kind of overwhelmed with a sense of dread towards the whole concept of going back to that type of schedule.

So, my decision seemed clear. Back to Basics, like that Christina Aguilera album. Stripped, like another Christina Aguilera album. Basically, I want to cut back on all of this concept and theme and such and just get back to doing what I love to do – sharing makeup looks, tips, techniques and experimentation, etc., and sharing the music that I love in life. Basically, moving forward, the Friday Feature will be a drastically different post than I, and you as the readers, have gotten used to. It will be a whole lot more willy-nilly and feature a lot less looks. I am, by no means, no longer doing celebrity inspired tutorials since I do love them but you will likely no longer be seeing a selection of photos of recreated looks that I do, as you have in the past. Like, it will just be the video tutorials, as well as writing and music videos and such. I’m still going to be doing these posts, just much smaller versions of them. This will allow me to really explore my own look day-to-day, as opposed to always wearing makeup recreated from somebody else. It will also allow me more time to incorporate tutorials for original looks and such, which I feel like I don’t do near enough of, as well as other types of videos, like product reviews, which I also feel I don’t do near enough of, hauls, etc. I think that this will be a very positive change!

Another thing that I wanted to mention is venturing out into other forms of social media. For example, this would be a really great time to start following me on Instagram, as I have already started posting a lot of FOTD (Face of the Day, in case you didn’t know,) pics over there and various things of that nature, which I don’t generally feel prone to doing when I am wearing a look that was recreated for the blog. I also recently joined Vine, a really amazing looping video app for the iPhone (and Android?) that allows you to create really cool stop-motion videos of random moments in life! My username on Vine is simply Jason Michalchek – I would love for you guys to follow me on there, as well as letting me know so I can follow you, as well! Perhaps most exciting, to me personally, is my Tumblr! I have decided to use Tumblr for what I had previously planned to use the now defunct Love, Beausic blog for – kind of expressing more of my personal life, journal or essay-style blogging and sharing really cool pictures of things I enjoy! I would love for any and all of you to follow me on there! While I am plugging social media, you can also always follow me on Twitter, which I update frequently with all kinds of random tidbits throughout the day, as well as Liking the Beausic Facebook Page!

Like I said before, I feel like these changes are going to be really positive in the long run and I really hope you guys will give them a chance and stick in there with me because I truly do love this blog and sharing my passions with you all and I am eternally grateful to all of you for allowing me that opportunity! I feel like these changes will make this blog an even more joyful experience for me, which will in turn make it more joyful for you to experience! Thanks again, so much, for sticking with me all of this time and for actually making it to the end of this long, drawn-out, nothing but text post! I wish you all a beautiful weekend and a beautiful life!



3 thoughts on “The End Of An Era (& The Start Of Something New)

    1. Spring is a great time to do a bit of organizing and cleaning, not just of our homes but of our blogs, too. I look forward to seeing how Beausic progresses.

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