My Night of Independent Music (Alexz Johnson & Charlene Kaye at The Social In Orlando)

As I have droned on and on about, it feels like, I went on vacation to visit my mother in Winter Haven, FL last weekend. What I haven’t talked as much about was a big part of the reason I went on that vacation – there was a concert in Orlando that I bought tickets for and was really excited about! This concert was Alexz Johnson, one of the Buzz Artists here on Beausic last year, co-headlining with somebody who would surely be a Buzz Artist if I still did those posts, Charlene Kaye! This was actually one of the most incredible concerts I have ever been to and I knew that I just had to talk about it with you guys, so I put together a video about the whole experience! Check it out below!

As mentioned in the video, I also happened to have caught full performances from each of these artists, which I put together in a playlist on YouTube. I will also include those videos below!

Misty Boyce performing “Hands Untied”

Jay Stolar performing “Holding You All Through The Night”

Charlene Kaye performing “Woman Up”

Alexz Johnson performing “Superstition”

Alexz Johnson performing “Skipping Stone”

Check out Misty Boyce at:
Purchase Misty Boyce’s new EP “Tough Love” at:
Check out Jay Stolar at:
Free Download of Jay Stolar’s Acoustic EP at:
Check out Charlene Kaye at:
Purchase music from Charlene Kaye at:
Check out Alexz Johnson at:
Purchase music from Alexz Johnson at:

Like I said in the video, I really felt so inspired by all of these artists putting out music, touring and making a name for themselves in the music industry independently. Nobody, in my opinion, is a better example of independently releasing music than Alexz Johnson, who has been through the whole record label process twice before and finally decided to say “screw it,” and do it on her own. In fact, this and her tour last year were both funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which allowed fans to donate funding for the tour, which I think is a really amazing thing because it let’s fans actually take part in the process of getting a tour off the ground. Alexz is actually doing this again, through a site called PledgeMusic, seeking funding to record her next album! Below you can see Alexz’s Pledge Campaign “trailer” video, as well as a clip, (not taken by me,) of her talking about it from the actual show I went to!

I’ve already made my donation and cannot wait for this new album to be completed! I also can’t wait for her to tour again with this next record because, like I said, this was one of the best concerts I have ever had the privilege of attending! I hope you guys got to enjoy a little bit of my experience second-hand and I hope you may have discovered some new music that you will love through this post! Like I said in the video, don’t ever shy away from indie music – some of the most amazing music you will ever find in life is that which hasn’t been discovered yet by the masses! Thank you guys so much for sharing in this post with me and I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



3 thoughts on “My Night of Independent Music (Alexz Johnson & Charlene Kaye at The Social In Orlando)

  1. Awesome! We linked to the Hands Untied video you posted on YouTube at our site. Please check us out. We credited the vid to your site here but if for any reason you want it removed, please let us know. We just love everything Misty 😉 And a favor if you could – would you snip the ‘poop’ segment from your top video and send it to us – it’s the only one that’s been caught on video. She was still working on her ‘comedy’ at the first two shows I got to (Philly and Vienna) and I won’t get to any more till the end of the tour (Toronto and Boston). You can also follow us on Twitter at @mistyboycefans . If you like the site please let us know and if you have any pics or more vids from the show you’d let us use, we’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. Hey! Thank you so much for checking out my videos and post! It’s not a problem for you to share any of my stuff – I wasn’t really familiar with Misty prior to the show but I absolutely fell in love with her and her music! I’d be glad to send you over the clip of the “poop” song, as well as some pics I got from the show, (although I didn’t get many pics, unfortunately!) I’ll get that stuff to you guys tonight or tomorrow! Thanks again for checking out my post!

  2. Omg I remember Alexz from that show Instant Star that was on The N years ago! I loved her! I’m happy to see she is still going strong with her music. She’s so talented. Independently releasing music is the way to go these days. Record labels are tanking and don’t promote artists unless they sell out. Sad reality. Glad you had fun at the concert! 🙂

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