This Month In Music: April

It’s time for a post I have been anticipating since probably the first week of the month – This Month In Music! The reason I have been anticipating this post so much is because, as soon as April started, new music started popping up at every turn! I knew there were some pretty big releases […]

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Hitchcock Blondes

Let me just begin by saying that the past two weeks have been really crazy and hectic for me and my schedule has been all out of whack! I have been working five days a week, where I normally work four 10-Hour days, and missing that day off during the week has taken a major […]

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For those of us who are full-grown adults, in whichever stage of adulthood we are, the start of summer doesn’t necessarily mean all that much – certainly summer will always hold some sense of fun, whimsy or whatever feelings you may associate with it from your childhood but that sense of anticipation and joy that […]

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Madonna Makeup Series #12: “Hollywood” Single Cover/Re-Invention Tour Book Makeup Tutorial

It’s that time of month again, folks! Time for the next installment in one of my very favorite series I have done here at Beausic so far, the Madonna Makeup Series! This month it is finally time for one of my very favorite albums of Madonna’s entire career, and one of the most personal records […]

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