Flop Of The Month Club #5: Rachel Stevens “Come & Get It”

It’s time for what is quickly becoming one of my favorite posts every month here at Beausic, “The Flop Of The Month Club!” This month it is, once again, a British artist. It is also a member of a once popular Pop Group gone solo and flopped. I sometimes wonder if you guys don’t find it annoying that I talk about so many British artists but I just have loved, and still do love, so many artists out of the UK and I feel like UK Pop Stars have so much more freedom to do really interesting, experimental sounds than labels will allow artists to do here in the US. It makes for some really amazing and an groundbreaking sounds and where so many of the latest and greatest trends in Pop Music originate, (just look at the current duster trend!) Still, if this is something that you guys find troublesome, please be sure to let me know and I will try to keep it in mind and put a little more focus on US artists!
Anyway, the “Flop Of The Month” for the month of May is a long-time favorite album of mine from a long-time favorite member of a long-time favorite group of mine – “Come and Get It” by Rachel Stevens, formerly of S Club 7. Yes, this record was released in 2005 and is one that I fell in love with immediately and have loved ever since! Before selecting it as the “Flop Of The Month,” I really hadn’t listened to it in a very long time, (I had lost it in the great iPod crash of ’12,) and listening to it again over the past week or so has brought back so many fond memories! I definitely recommend checking this one out! Wanna hear some reasons why? Check out the video below!

As always, I have also included a Spotify playlist of the album below for you all to listen to and, like I said, I highly recommend doing so – it’s pretty incredible!

So, there we have another “Flop Of The Month!” As I mentioned before, I really love doing these videos and posts, so O really hope you guys enjoy them, as well! I would also love to hear if there are any unfortunately unsuccessful albums that you guys loved and would want to hear more about as a Flop Of The Month! As also mentioned in the video, the look I am wearing in this video is going to be a tutorial on Wednesday this week and I am really excited to share it with you guys because I just think it came about in a really cool way! So, keep an eye out! in the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!

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