My Makeup Collection Part 3: Lip Products, Part 1

It’s time for the next installment in my “Makeup Collection” series!  This part is one that I knew would be kind of insane to try to film because it is all about lip products and I have a TON of them! I also keep them in a bin that is really not organized AT ALL!  What I hadn’t anticipated was just how LONG that video would turn out to be. It was so long, in fact, that it just couldn’t be contained to one video! So, this is Lip Products Part 1!
Like I said before, this is only part 1 of the lip products video. Part 2 will be coming in the next few weeks – it’s already filmed and everything but I wanted to delay it a little bit because there are a handful of other Work It Wednesday videos I wanted to get up in the next few weeks! So, keep an eye out for a lot of really fun new stuff over the next few weeks, as well as Part 2 of my Lip Products! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!

3 thoughts on “My Makeup Collection Part 3: Lip Products, Part 1

    1. lol me, too! Like I said in the video, they are the simplest thing to just spot on the go and grab pretty much anywhere you are – grocery stores, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target or Ulta/Sephora, etc., so they are probably the products I buy the most of!

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