Music 101 #1: The Beatles (Plus, THE MUSIC TAG!!!)

As you guys know, based on the title of this blog, my two biggest passions in life are Beauty and Music. I have worked to educate myself on both of these topics really well, mostly out of my own natural curiosity, but I have kind of started to realize recently that there is a lot of really classic, iconic music that has served as inspiration for so many of my favorites over the years that I am simply not that familiar with. So, I decided that it would be a good idea to educate myself on this music. As I was considering this, though, it kind of dawned on me that a lot of other people, particularly in my age range, are probably just as unfamiliar with this stuff, so it seemed like a great idea to actually create a new video series to share my experiences and impressions of this music with others in order to hopefully help others get educated on it all, as well!

It seemed like there was no more natural place to start this whole process than with The Beatles. The Beatles are, after all, not only the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed act in music history but also one of the most influential. It seemed like a really great idea to take a look into the musical landscape that they created and even try to look for some of the influences they’ve had on other artists! Of course, they have a really massive back catalog and it would be kind of impossible to go through all of it in a short time, so I wanted to seek out one pretty comprehensive compilation of their music to really just start off with some of their biggest hits. So, I settled on the 2000 compilation “1.” Check out the video below to see what I thought of it!

Also, I know that you guys haven’t seen this much from me in the past but it’s a DOUBLE MUSIC MONDAY!!! Yes, I have another thing to share this week that I am kind of excited about! I got a comment on my YouTube channel recently from one of my favorite YouTube Gurus, CaseyCouture604, stating that I should do more Tag videos on YouTube! For those who aren’t familiar with Tags, essentially YouTube creators have put together this thing where they will come up with a group of questions surrounding one central theme and answer those questions, then tag others to answer those questions, as well! It’s a fun thing and you see these tags spread like wildfire across YouTube! I’ve done a few in the past but it hasn’t been often because I haven’t been tagged to do them. You don’t really have to be tagged, though, and since Casey made the suggestion, I figured I would go through and pick out a few to do! So, you’ll be seeing several more coming and probably see them coming more frequently in the future! Being that the blog is called Beausic and music is one of my biggest passions in life, it seemed only natural to begin with THE MUSIC TAG!!! Yes, 10 questions about music that I am answering here! Check it out below!

I also created a Spotify Playlist featuring most of the music discussed in this video, which you can listen to below!

So, there you have one of my first Double Music Monday posts! I hope you guys enjoyed the little extra! I also hope you guys will take a closer look at The Beatles in the future, if you haven’t yet, because I could not be more in love with their music at this point! I also hope you guys will keep an eye on the blog throughout this week – I have another addition, (the second to last,) to my Madonna Makeup Series, as well as a Friday Feature that I am extremely excited to share! So, definitely keep an eye out! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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