Around The World Makeup Series #4: Norway Inspired Makeup Tutorial (Plus, My Makeup Collection #5: Eyeliners, Etc.)

So, Double Work It Wednesdays keep coming and coming! I just have had so many ideas for so much content that I have been wanting to put out there that I just can’t help myself sometimes but to keep making more and more videos! This week is a little different, though, because with all of […]

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This Month In Music: July

It’s FINALLY time again for “This Month In Music” and I couldn’t be more excited because I have been dying to talk about this month’s new music since the beginning of the month! Why, you may ask? Well, because there was so much of it! In the past, August tends to be the month where […]

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Spotlight: Selena Gomez

So, I’ll bet this is a post I’ll bet you guys could see coming from a mile away, eh? I have a bit of an obsession right now, and for quite a few years, with one of the hottest young pop stars on the planet these days, Miss Selena Gomez! Selena started her career the […]

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Music 101 #2: Bob Dylan

The Music 101 series began last month with the single most commercially successful and critically acclaimed artists in music history, The Beatles, but this month I kind of wanted to go in a different direction with it and go with an equally celebrated and culturally relevant artist from a completely different genre and who makes […]

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New (& Old) Album Reviews

So, birthday week continues on here at Beausic with something a little different from our usual fare, here… well, kind of. I made a post a couple of months ago in which I did an individual review for Demi Lovato’s brilliant new record, “Demi,” and mentioned in that post that I kind of wanted to […]

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