Music 101 #2: Bob Dylan

The Music 101 series began last month with the single most commercially successful and critically acclaimed artists in music history, The Beatles, but this month I kind of wanted to go in a different direction with it and go with an equally celebrated and culturally relevant artist from a completely different genre and who makes a completely different statement than The Beatles did. That artist is, of course, Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan is one of the most influential songwriters in history, beginning his career in 1961 and still releasing new music today, (he even won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year as recently as 1998 and 2002.) Aside from his multiple Grammy Awards, he has also received a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, a Pulitzer Prize Arts Award, a Presidential Medal of Freedom and been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, The Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Much of Dylan’s most celebrated works came from the 1960’s where his music not only broke the boundaries of the Folk music genre but also became widely considered as the voice of the Civil Rights movement of the time. Of course, I knew in advance that Bob Dylan had been a massive influence for some of the biggest artists of our time, including John Lennon & Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Neil Young, etc., but I had never actually delved into his music to find out why. In fact, the extent of my knowledge of Bob Dylan was more in the fact that I have always been a huge fan of his son Jakob Dylan, lead singer of the Wallflowers and solo artist. So, check out the video below to see what my Bob Dylan experience over the past month or so has been like.


As mentioned in the video, I also put together a Spotify playlist of some of my very favorite songs of Bob Dylan’s that I highly recommend you guys check out!

As also mentioned in the video, since his music has been covered so much and, frankly, his voice is not going to appeal to everybody, I also put together a playlist featuring all the same tracks from the playlist above covered by some pretty incredible artists, including Cher, Marianne Faithful, Eric Clapton, Lenny Kravitz, Jeff Buckley, Rage Against The Machine, as well as some really interesting versions by “newer” artists like Maroon 5, Miley Cyrus, Jack’s Mannequin, New Found Glory, Jay Brannan and even Ke$ha! Some of these covers are absolutely brilliant and definitely need to be heard!

Like I said in the video above, I didn’t exactly go into listening to Bob Dylan with an open mind but I did come around to it in the end and am really glad to have taken the time to learn a little more about this artist, who has been such an influence to so many artists who I have emerged since he began his career. I wouldn’t say that I am some massive fan of his music now or anything but I definitely fell in love with a good number of his songs and have a whole new respect for him as an artist and I really hope any of you who may not be familiar with his music will give it a chance, as well! I also hope you guys will keep an eye out here on the blog this week because I am pretty excited about some of the stuff I’ve got planned this week, especially Wednesday when I will be showcasing a new beauty brand that I am really enjoying! Also, on Friday I will be showcasing an artist who you all have to know I am completely obsessed with here lately. Can you guess who it is?! While you try to figure that out, I wish you a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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