New Album Reviews: Cher “Closer To The Truth” & Jessie J “Alive”

So, September, eh? Yeah. September has been a pretty crazy month. One thing that has been pretty crazy and been a major surprise is the sheer volume of major new releases that have popped up this month! There has been so many new albums and singles released this month and I have been having a bit of trouble keeping up with it all! So, where I would normally be posting a new “Music 101” episode, I decided to go ahead and post some more in-depth reviews of a couple of my favorite new releases this month.

As a side note, I’m pretty sure I’ve actually decided to discontinue the “Music 101” series. It was fun and I discovered a love for a some music that I have really fallen in love with, however I just don’t really feel like those videos were actually serving any purpose in the long run and I am starting to feel like the blog/YouTube Channel get bogged down and limited by too many “series,” so I’m kind of trying to pare down on them and that felt like an easy one to go ahead and cut!

That having been said, I’ve got reviews of two albums that I have been very anxiously anticipating all Summer long and was really excited to finally get to hear in full! The first is an incredible piece of work from one of the biggest, most iconic divas of all-time, releasing her first album in over a decade – “Closer to the Truth” by the incomparable Cher! Check out my thoughts on the album below!


The second album we’re discussing today is the sophomore album from a newer pop diva who released two of the biggest singles of the past couple of years, “Price Tag” and “Domino,” and has released multiple brilliant singles over Summer 2013 and has finally followed it up with the album behind it all – “Alive” by British superstar Jessie J! Check out my thoughts on the album below!


So, there you have my reviews of two of my favorite new releases of September. I can’t lie, my very favorite release of September, and quite possibly my favorite of the year so far, was reviewed here a few weeks ago, (“Yours Truly” by Ariana Grande,) but there is still tons of amazing music that came out in September to be discussed NEXT Monday in the “This Month In Music: September” post, so definitely keep an eye out for that! I also recommend keeping an eye out the rest of this week because we’ve got the next in my Britney Spears Makeup Series on Wednesday, as well as something really different planned for the Friday Feature this week that I REALLY can’t wait to share with you all! Definitely keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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