Halloween 2013 Makeup Series #4: “The Great Gatsby” Daisy Makeup Tutorial (Plus, a Mini Review!)

The final installment in my Halloween 2013 Makeup Series is finally here, (although a day later than I said it would be,) and I have to say this one is possibly my favorite of the bunch! For this series, I took inspiration from iconic characters in some of my favorite films, which would also work […]

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Halloween 2013 Makeup Series #2: “Marie Antoinette” Makeup Tutorial

Time for another Halloween 2013 Makeup Tutorial! Are you guys excited? I’m excited! Sticking with the theme for my Halloween 2013 Makeup Series, I’ve got another look from an iconic character in one of my very favorite films, Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette!” You guys may recall from my “Movies Tag” video in the past that […]

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This Week In Music 10/26/2013

Another week has passed and we’ve got another week’s worth of music to discuss, which I am very excited about! If last week was a major week for album releases/leaks, this week was definitely all about new singles! There were new songs this week from some of the biggest names in music and some of […]

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