Katy Perry “Prism” & Simon Curtis “WWW” Album Reviews

So, this is a really belated post, considering it features two videos that have been up on my YouTube Channel for a few days already! Better late than never, I say! If you watched last weekend’s “This Week In Music” video, you know what I’m talking about here – the two best releases of last week, in my opinion, came from arguably the biggest pop star in the world right now and the most underrated pop star in the world right now, if you ask me. Katy Perry and Simon Curtis. Katy Perry, of course, needs no introduction with every single off of her last album hitting number one on the Billboard Charts, a major motion picture, one of the biggest selling tours of recent years, etc., etc., etc. However, with all of this success, Katy made the decision to take a major left turn with her style and sound and re-invent herself for a new era in her career, all culminating in her brand new album “Prism.” So, did taking such a risk work out in her favor? Find out what I think below!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgACCFs3kKM]

Juxtaposed to Katy is one of my very favorite artists of recent years and one of the most unique, inventive pop stars I have come across in my lifetime, a young man named Simon Curtis. Unlike Katy, Simon has built his career from the ground up, cultivating his fan base primarily through social media. He’s self-released all of his material, a majority of it completely free, and that material has been truly groundbreaking in the realm of pop music… and yet, not many people have actually heard it or have any idea who he is. So, with the release of his newest collection of music, which has also been released completely free of charge exclusively through MuuMuse, I felt like I just had to do my part to spread the word… especially considering this collection is some of his best work yet! Hear all about it below!

[youtube http://youtu.be/A0uBjnEu8YA]

Download Simon Curtis’ new EP, “WWW,” exclusively at MuuMuse!

Download Simon Curtis’ free debut album, “8-Bit Heart.”

Purchase Simon Curtis’ “RA” on iTunes!

So, there you have it! I know that a whole new “This Week In Music” is already coming up tomorrow but I figured these individual review videos needed their own post, as well! I also have another Halloween tutorial already up on YouTube, which I should be creating a post for here a little later tonight or tomorrow! So, keep an eye out for that! There are only 2 more Halloween tutorials going up after that one before Halloween itself, so keep an eye out – it should get exciting! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful weekend and a beautiful life!



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