This Week In Music 10/26/2013

Another week has passed and we’ve got another week’s worth of music to discuss, which I am very excited about! If last week was a major week for album releases/leaks, this week was definitely all about new singles! There were new songs this week from some of the biggest names in music and some of my personal favorites, like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and, the incomparable, Lady Gaga! There was one new single released this week, though, that absolutely took the cake and is possibly one of the single most exciting new releases of the entire year, let alone the week. Find out what I’m talking about in the video below!


YES, Geri Halliwell has a new single and it is glorious! Upon doing a little further research I have confirmed that this is, indeed, the first single from her upcoming fourth solo album as part of a deal she signed with Sony Music Australia. This is Geri’s first single since 2005 and I couldn’t possibly be more excited about it! You just have to hear this song because I am absolutely in love with it! Check it out in the video below!


Geri also gave her first live performance of the song recently on popular Australian television program “The Footy Show,” which I have also included below!


I cannot say enough how excited I am about Geri making a return to music after all these years! It kind of overshadowed so much of the other music that I was so excited about this week, like all 4 of the new Gaga songs that came out that were absolutely amazing and have me ridiculously excited for the release of “ARTPOP” in just a few short weeks, as well as a new addition to the long list of Taylor Swift songs that make my heart go pitter patter! It was definitely a great week for music and, I can already tell you, next week has got some pretty major stuff in store, as well, as new albums from Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and Union J have all come out since the filming of this video! Cannot wait to dive into all of that with you guys next week! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful weekend and a beautiful life!



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