Get Ready With Me: Halloween Costume Edition

So, Halloween has come and gone and it was a lot of fun for me, personally, and I hope it was for all of you, as well! Unfortunately, I got a little bit behind here at the blog due to all of the Halloween festivities going on and had yet to get a post up showing my Halloween costume… but it’s better late than never, right? This year’s pre-Halloween brainstorming went in about a million different directions. In fact, initially my plan was to dress up as Honey Boo Boo, (in case you guys didn’t know, I have a bit of an obsession with her show on TLC,) but I couldn’t find the right elements to put it all together. Then I considered dressing as Richard Simmons, which I thought would be really funny, as he is a fitness guru and I have lost all this weight over the past year and a half or so. Plus, when is Richard Simmons not hilarious?! I had checked out a pre-made Richard Simmons costume but wasn’t sure how I felt about it when I actually went to the store to pick it up. With all of the “Customer Service Week” dress up days and such that have been going on at my work here recently, (Customer Service Week is basically like Spirit Week in High School with dress up days and such,) by the weekend before Halloween I was kind of over the whole thing. I went to a Party City with my dear BFF, Jenn, and we spotted this really cool pair of black wings, which became the centerpiece of the whole costume. I suddenly developed these images in my head of some type of cybergoth angel or bird type creature. I didn’t necessarily know what I was going for but the vision in my head was very clear. I also picked up these false eyelashes made of feathers and a pair of fishnet fingerless gloves and decided to make up a costume with it. It wasn’t until the night before Halloween, after filming this video of my test run of the makeup, when I FaceTimed with my Mom that I figured out what the costume actually was – a raven! I showed my Mom the makeup and the pieces I had bought and she said, “Oh, it’s a raven!” Duh! So, check out my “Get Ready With Me” of the test run of the makeup, as well as some pictures of the actual finished product in the video below!


I really love the way that the whole thing came together and I’m sorry that I didn’t get better pictures of the whole thing put together. There were other pictures taken at my workplace but it’s kind of a weird thing at my workplace where, for security purposes, we aren’t allowed to take pictures there and any pictures that are taken by management or anything like that aren’t able to be shared anywhere. So, these pics were the best I was able to do on my own! Anyway, I really enjoyed the way that it all came together and I hope you guys enjoyed this post! There will be, at least, one more post coming up a little later today, “This Week In Music,” so keep an eye out for that. I’ve also got kind of a lot of other videos filmed and posts planned for this week, so it should be a pretty exciting week here at Beausic! Definitely keep an eye out! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful Sunday and a beautiful life!



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