Weight Loss Update# 21 & October Favorites (Plus, A Review!)

It’s time for one hell of a jam-packed weekend post here at Beausic! You see, I posted a good deal of videos over at the Beausic YouTube Channel this week, all of which were intended to have accompanying posts here at the blog but, as seems to be becoming the trend, I have not kept up with it as well as intended! This seems to be the trend here lately, ever since I decided to change the format of the blog/YouTube Channel! Either way, I get them there eventually and that’s what matters! Right?! In any sense, this is not a single post, not even a two-fer, but a three-fer! Yes, three posts in one! Let’s get right into it, then, shall we?

So, as discussed in this video, I am back on the weight loss game in a major way and I could not be more excited about that! In fact, for a little further update since filming this video last weekend… I am actually down 2 whole pounds! At the time of filming this video, I was at 307.9 and, as of this morning, I am at 305.6! Yes, ACTUAL loss is happening again and I could not be more excited about it! I also could not possibly be more focused on staying on track because of this! I am so close to getting below 300 I can taste it and it tastes much better than any Chinese food or French Fries or any of that stuff that I can’t help but salivate at the thought of! I am really excited by this progress, as you can probably tell! In any sense, let’s move on…

This month’s Favorites video was a lot of fun because I have come across so many new products that I am absolutely loving and I was really excited to share some bath and hair products, as well, since it’s something outside the norm for my favorites but things I AM really loving! One of those favorites, as I believe I mentioned in the video above, also got it’s own separate review/demo video – the Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation! Check it out below!

As you saw in those photos included in the video, this stuff sticks around! One thing I forgot to mention, although it may be somewhat apparent in those pictures, is that the foundation does seem to oxidize a bit throughout the day and become a slightly darker shade than where it started. For me, personally, I actually enjoy that element because it does give me kind of a nice tanned look but I am sure for some people that could be troublesome, so if you are considering the product I would definitely be wary of that element!

So, there you have three posts in one! I’ll be back later today, (or possibly tomorrow,) with a new This Week In Music video, as well, which includes some pretty major new releases that I am really excited to share with you all! Definitely keep your eyes peeled for that! Also, the week to come is going to hold some really awesome stuff, too, including the long delayed next installment in my Britney Spears makeup series, which had actually been intended to go up this past week but did not get edited in time! Whoopsie Daisies! I also have a couple of tags in store, so definitely keep an eye out for all of that! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful weekend and a beautiful life!



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