This Week In Music 11/09/2013 (Plus, a Message to the YouTube Commentors & A Swap Haul)

It’s time for another This Week In Music and, following in the music industry’s long-standing tradition, November is turning out to be pretty major thus far! Of course, the biggest news was “ARTPOP,” which I’ve already done a whole individual video on, however there were also some pretty major new releases from some of my favorite UK groups, like The Wanted and Little Mix, a brand new greatest hits collection from one of my long-time favorite bands, The Killers, and an album from a new artist I had never heard of before but have really fallen in love with named Jake Miller! There were also some really major new singles, like the second single from the NEW BRITNEY SPEARS ALBUM, as well as yet another new Justin Bieber song, songs by artists I’m not overly familiar with featuring major names, like Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera, and a few other fun things! Basically, what I’m getting at, is there is a lot to talk about here… so, let’s get to it!


I also had to put up another little video yesterday addressing an issue that has been really bothering me the past few days. You see, YouTube is doing something crazy and it has been really bothering me and causing me to do a lot of angry tweeting! Angry tweeting is not a good look for anyone, so I figured I should probably take to the video format to address it!


It seems that the issue may possibly be resolved at this point but it’s still unclear. All I know is that I am absolutely hating not being able to respond to comments! It makes me feel like my viewers think I just don’t care what they have to say, which is absolutely not the case! I hope this is fixed!

While I’m here, I may as well include another video that went up yesterday, as well! I did a little bit of a YouTube spam yesterday, to be quite honest, so I figured it’d be nicer not to spam the blog, as well, and just include it all in one post! I recently did a swap with one of my dearest YouTube friends, PersianDiva77, I sent her a Chanel powder, a MAC Highlight Powder type thing and a couple of random extras and, in return, she sent me two NARS blushes we had discussed, along with… everything but the kitchen sink! She sent me so much stuff it was ridiculous… Especially since it was a lot of really amazing stuff! I felt like it was Christmas morning when I got this package in the mail! I just had to share it all with you guys, too!


So, there you have how I spent my Saturday. As you may have noticed in the “YouTube Commentors” video, I also went out and got a long overdue haircut yesterday, which I am very pleased with! Anyway, there you have it! I promise I will leave you alone the rest of today… but you’d better keep an eye out this week because I’ve got lots of fun things coming up! A couple of Little Mix related posts, in celebration of their brand new album, the next installment in my Britney Spears Makeup Series, maybe a tag or two… fun stuff! You won’t want to miss it! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful Sunday and a beautiful life!



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