One Direction “Midnight Memories” Album Review

With all of the album reviews I’ve been doing here in this busy, busy time of year for new music, there was one album I knew that I could not have possibly let be released without doing a review for – “ARTPOP!” I’m joking, (although, that is totally true,) but what I’m actually talking about is the third studio album from quite possibly the single biggest Pop act on the globe at this point – One Direction! I am definitely a fan of One Direction, although I wouldn’t identify myself as a full-fledged “Directioner,” (I’m much more of a “Mixer,” aka, a hardcore Little Mix fan,) however I know that I’ve got several followers/subscribers who are HUGE One Direction fans and it only seemed right to share my thoughts on the album with them! Plus, after hearing the album, I definitely felt like I had a lot to say about it! Check out my thoughts below!

As I stated in the video, I actually really love this album and I feel like this is the best stuff that they have released yet! I feel like they have really developed in a major way as artists and this has me really excited to see what else this group has in store moving forward in their careers! Is it “ARTPOP?” Is it “Prism?” No, I wouldn’t go that far… But I do think it is a major step forward in One Direction’s evolution! I highly recommend checking it out when it is released next week! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful weekend and a beautiful life!

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