Getting Tagged

So, you guys may have noticed that I’ve been on a little bit of a YouTube TAG kick here recently – kind of like I did over the Summer! There isn’t really a reason for this except that I have actually been noticing a lot of different tags going around YouTube that I’ve found really interesting and fun! So, I just figured I’d make like Avril Lavigne and say, “What the hell?!”
The first Tag I’ve got for this post is one that was actually created by one of my nearest and dearest friends on YouTube, whom you’ve heard me talk about a million times, the “My Most Used Brushes” TAG! This tag doesn’t actually include any specific questions but, instead, is just a good excuse to talk about and show off the brushes that you use the most! I thought this would be something kind of fun to share with you all so I hope you agree! Check it out below!
The next Tag I’ve got for you guys today is one that I thought was really interesting and was a great way to give your YouTube subscribers a little further insight into your whole YouTube “journey” and kind of your personal perspective on the content you’re putting out there! The ones that I’ve seen from other YouTubers have all been really interesting, so I hope you guys find mine interesting, as well! As with all of the ones I’ve seen from others, it is pretty long but I think it’s pretty cool! See for yourself below!
So, like I said before, I just found these, (as well as some of the other Tags I’ve done recently,) really fun and interesting! I hope you guys did, too! I also want to wish you all a really happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy your Turkeys or whatever you eat for Thanksgiving and don’t forget to spend a little time feeling grateful for whatever you have in life to be grateful for, as well! After all, gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions we have in life and should be acknowledge all year round! Now that I’ve dropped a little hint of my own philosophy on you guys, I wish you all a beautiful long weekend, (if you get a long weekend,) and a beautiful life!

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