Project NARS: Episode 1

There are certain words that I always think you guys, my blog readers and YouTube subscribers, must be sick to death of hearing me say – amazing, brilliant, gorgeous and a whole long list of others. However, here lately I imagine there is one word that stands above the rest of the list of things you’ve all heard me say far too often: NARS. Yes, I’ve been talking more and more about NARS Cosmetics here lately. I’ve been talking about them so much because I have become completely obsessed with their products. I honestly feel like theirs are some of the absolute best beauty products I have ever tried and I have recently committed myself to the concept of actually building a full NARS collection.

The plan is to purchase one new NARS product from each of my paychecks for an undetermined period of time… Basically, until I feel satisfied with my NARS collection or I run out of things to buy from them! As part of my Project NARS, since their products are considerably more expensive than a lot of the other brands I purchase regularly, the plan is to stop buying as many random drugstore products and such, (primarily products that I don’t entirely need,) and strictly focus on buying NARS. Sure, I’ll replace products I use frequently and run out of but the focus, as far as buying new products, will be on NARS. In order to make this a fun new series for the blog & YouTube channel, I figured I would make it a “Project NARS” series, where I do a video about each new product I pick up from the brand! It only made sense, though, to kick off this series by showing you the NARS products I have so far! So, check out My NARS Collection below!

As I mentioned before, I have become obsessed with the brand and they have quickly shot to the top of my list of favorite beauty brands and I really want to build a full collection of their products. So, my NARS journey is just beginning and I’m really excite to share it all with you guys! Keep an eye out moving forward because there is going to be a LOT of fun to be shared moving forward! I also recommend keeping an eye out tomorrow because I’ve got a tutorial up tomorrow that I am really excited about – it’s a gorgeous look and one that comes from an artist who has been inspiring me so much here lately! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful Thursday and a beautiful life!

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