This Week In Music 12/14/2013

It’s time for another “This Week In Music” video but this week is not just any “This Week In Music.” This is the FINAL “This Week In Music” for 2013! Yes, since I THOUGHT new releases were pretty much wrapped up for the year I figured I’d get this one slow week out of the way and call it quits for the year, as far as these weekly roundups go. I am still going with that plan, except that this week wound up being anything but some slow week in music. Why is that? What happened? As if you guys didn’t hear the entire world talking about it already on Friday, Beyonce decided in the middle of the night on Thursday/early Friday morning to just go ahead and release a brand new album that was not preceded by a new single and had absolutely no advance promotion or announcement! It was the most random and genius move I think I have seen from a major pop star in my life to this point – the shock factor alone was enough to steal every last bit of the thunder that Katy, Gaga and Britney had built up over the past couple of months! Complete insanity that was! Since it happened with such short notice, I don’t discuss this album in full here, (expect ana individual review later in the week,) but there were also a few other pretty interesting things that popped up over the past week to be discussed, as well! You can hear all about it below!


As I mentioned in the video, I just had to include here the incredible new single from Lea Michele, “Cannonball,” because I really feel like it is something that everybody needs to hear and be aware of – it’s such a beautiful and powerful song that I think holds a really positive message that we could all use in life! Check it out below!


Also, as mentioned in the video, I have decided to move forward with the plan I have kind of hinted at a few times recently to take the week of Christmas off from the YouTube channel and blog… but before I do, I’ve got some really fun stuff in store for you all this week! There’ll be a couple of really fun tutorials, including the next in my Britney Spears Makeup Series, as well as the aforementioned Beyonce album review AND the next episode of my new Project NARS series! You definitely won’t want to miss this stuff! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week to come and a beautiful life!



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