This Week In Music 2/9/2014

So, it’s time for another roundup of the past week in music. It has been kind of a weird past couple of weeks for me, overall, and I haven’t focused on checking out all the new music as well as I normally do. In fact, this past week I kind of went through this little period where I was almost exclusively listening to one artist who did not have anything new this week – Shakira. I don’t know what that was about exactly but Shakira has been touching me in a major way all week. Still, I did manage to actually listen to all of the notable new releases I could find this week and, let me say, it was kind of an interesting week. I’ll go ahead and let you hear about it all in the video instead of blathering on about it here. Check it out!

As mentioned in the video, my very favorite release of this week was definitely the new Miguel song “Simplethings” from the upcoming second volume of the “Girls” television soundtrack, (which, by the way, you are sorely missing out on if you are not watching – Lena Dunham is my God now!) I wanted to include this song here for you to check out, as well, because it’s just incredible. Check it out below.

So, there you have another week in music. I hope you guys enjoyed and would love to hear about the music that you have been listening to this past week – did you particularly love any of the new stuff that came out? Have you been stuck on a particular artist, like I was with Shakira this week? Tell me all about it! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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