This Week In Music 2/16/2014

So, Valentine’s Day, eh? Yeah, I ate my feelings, too. I’m only joking… I’m sure you guys weren’t eating your feelings! Hopefully you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I ate a lot of really delicious foods! I also got to spend the week listening to a lot of really delicious music! Yes, this was a very good week for music. Of course, there were a ton of new love songs released this week, (just in time for a great marketing ploy!) I don’t mean to sound bitter and I am only joking, of course, but I’m sure you all know, at some point or another, that being single around Valentine’s Day sucks. We’re not here for my own personal therapy session, though – we’re here to talk about all that new music I mentioned before! As I said before, there was tons of it! There was the soundtrack to the very best show on television anymore, HBO’s “Girls,” (#lenadunhamismygodnow) as well as brand new singles from several artists who I absolutely love! There is even the slow (but sure) leaking of an album I am ridiculously excited for that isn’t scheduled until April! Let’s get right into all of it now!

As I captioned in the video, I discovered after filming that the song that I got so emotional about in the video, “Bless The Telephone” is not actually an original track by Kelis. The original version was released in 1971 by a British singer-songwriter/poet named Labi Siffre. I had never heard the song before but, after seeking out the original version, I have fallen in love with the original version. Kelis’ version is not available on YouTube or Spotify as of yet, so I have included the original here. Both versions are absolutely incredible because the song itself is incredible. YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS.

Aside from my Valentine-related bitterness, it was definitely a really great week when it comes to music. I absolutely loved so much of what came out this week – there was actually a lot of stuff that I loved that I didn’t even manage to fit into this video! Mya, (remember her from the late 1990s/early 2000s?!) released a brilliant new EP called “With Love,” Nelly Furtado released a gorgeous new single called “Red Balloon,” and lesser known dance/pop artist Erik Hassle, whom I adore, released an amazing new single called “Pathetic.” There was just so much released this week I couldn’t possibly manage to include it all! This week should be even better, not necessarily for music but for me, personally, and for the blog! I’ve got a few really cool things planned for the blog this week that I’m really excited to share! So, definitely keep an eye out this week! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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