This Week In Music 03/15/2014 (Plus, Kylie Minogue “Kiss Me Once” Track-By-Track Album Review!)

Another week in music has passed and it was definitely an interesting one. There were a good deal of interesting new albums released and/or leaked this week, as well as a handful of singles. There were a couple of albums I checked out but wound up editing out in the video because I just didn’t care for them and didn’t have much interesting to say about them, (the new Foster The People album “Supermodel” and the new Skrillex album, “Recess.) However, there were a few really strong albums released this week that I did have plenty to say about. Before getting into “This Week In Music,” let me share one that I had so much to say about I had to do an individual review. I am, of course, talking about the brand new 12th studio album, “Kiss Me Once,” from my 3rd favorite singer of all-time, Kylie Minogue! Check out my review on the album below!

Now that we’ve talked about that, let’s discuss the rest of the week’s new music! Check out “This Week In Music” below!

In the video, I referenced sharing a Spotify Playlist of “Going to Hell” by The Pretty Reckless, however I have since found that the album is not available on Spotify as of yet. So, nevermind. Sorry about that! Either way, I highly recommend checking this album out once it is officially released! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and will be keeping an eye out the rest of this week! There will be a new tutorial coming up sooner than you might expect! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the weekend and a beautiful life!



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