Michael Jackson “Xscape” Album Review

Surprise! Yes, I actually am making an individual post for a new video up on the YouTube Channel! That, like, NEVER happens anymore! Speaking of surprises, this post is kind of a surprise to nobody more than myself. This post is to review the brand new, posthumous album from the iconic, legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson… whom I have never particularly cared for. Don’t get wrong, I fully understand the scope of the man’s talent and cultural impact but his music just never really appealed to me. Plus, I’m generally not a fan of posthumous album releases – something feels eerie and, perhaps, kind of wrong about them. So, when I heard that a new Michael Jackson album was being released, I assumed I’d suffer through listening to it a handful of times then briefly mention it in a “This Week In Music” post. So, the fact that I am sitting here writing a post for my individual review of it is quite surprising to me. So, what made me do it? Well, I guess you’d better watch the video and find out!

I would love to include the album here as a Spotify Playlist, as well, however it is not on Spotify at this point. The selection of Michael’s music on Spotify is… well, spotty. I assume some kind of legal dispute, like the Beatles on iTunes back in the early days! In any sense, I highly recommend checking this album out – I am shocked to be able to say that I absolutely love it! I also really love the new makeup tutorials I’ve got planned for later this week! I cannot wait to share them with you guys! You’ll definitely want to be keeping an eye out for those! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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