Lucy Hale “Road Between” Track-By-Track Album Review

One reason this week is very exciting to me is because tomorrow, June 3, is finally the release of one of my most anticipated album of 2014! If you follow my “This Week In Music” videos, you know that I have been very excited by each of the FIVE songs released so far from the debut Country album, “Road Between,” from “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale. Yes, I know the stigma of the whole actress-turned-singer thing but I was incredibly impressed with the songs that were released in the lead-up to the album. So, does the album live up to those songs’ potential? Find out what I think below – although, I’m sure you could guess!

The album isn’t officially out until tomorrow, June 3, 2014, so I can’t share a Spotify playlist of it here, however I did want to give you a little something from the album to check out, so I’ve included YouTube videos featuring a few of my favorite tracks from the album below!

As I said in the review, this isn’t earth-shattering or changing the face of Country music as we know it, however it is a really impressive debut effort from Lucy and, generally, a really fun, contagious Country/Pop record! I highly recommend checking it out. I also wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!

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