Miranda Lambert “Platinum” Album Review

I recently discovered an album that I checked out on a whim and did not expect much out of. This album, however, wound up having quite the impact on me. This album, quite unexpectedly, has turned out to be one of my very favorite releases of 2014 so far. It comes from an artist I’d never paid much attention to before and really had no concept of, in spite of it being her fifth album. Sure, I’d heard random songs from her here and there, some of which I did enjoy, but I’d never actually sat down and listened to one of her albums or paid any more attention than hearing a random song and thinking, “That’s a good song.” The album I am talking about is “Platinum,” by Miranda Lambert. Now, I have known Miranda Lambert more as one third of the country girl group Pistol Annies, whom I have thoroughly enjoyed, but this album is really my first impression of her as a solo artist. I will say, she has made a very good first impression. Let’s discuss this further!

As I stated before, it was quite unexpected to me that I would love this album as much as I do. It is right up there with some of my very favorite releases of 2014. I cannot get enough of this record and cannot recommend highly enough that you all check it out! Even if you are not a fan of Country music, I really believe it is worth giving a chance – there is so much to be taken from this album and it is one that I can relate to in a really major way. So, definitely check it out! I also hope you will check out the stuff that I have planned for the rest of this week! There will be another album review, another crazy, creative makeup tutorial and, since I will then have 3 really over-the-top tutorials in a row, I also did a more wearable one to kind of cap it all off! So, keep an eye out for all of that this week! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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