Ed Sheeran “X” Album Review

If you guys have been following my “This Week In Music” posts over the past couple of months, or if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., you’ve heard me reference my resistance to becoming an Ed Sheeran fan. I don’t know why that is exactly; Perhaps because he is such a THING for “common white girls.” That doesn’t make any sense, though, because heaven knows I embrace so much of the “common white girl” culture. I think it’s more likely because his first two singles, the only songs I had heard from him up until recently, reminded me of Jason Mraz, who I find to be one of the most boring artists to sell millions of records these days. Either way, I was definitely putting up some major resistance to Ed Sheeran. As it turns out, though, resistance was futile. Every one of the tracks released in the lead-up to his sophomore album, “X,” (which is actually “Multiply,” not just the letter X,) appealed to me more and more. Eventually, I found myself becoming very anxious for this album to be released. So, did the album live up to my expectations? Find out in the review below!

Yes, I absolutely love this album! It is amongst my very favorite records of 2014 so far… I’ve said that about a lot of things so far this year. It’s turning out to be a VERY interesting year for music. Even more, though, it’s turning out to be a very surprising year for music. If you’d told me in 2014 I would love an Ed Sheeran album, I never would have believed you. Just like if you had told me Lily Allen would’ve made a major comeback in 2013, I would’ve been very skeptical. If you’d told me I’d be listening to some of the artists behind some of my very favorite music this year so far, I’d have not known who you were even talking about! Yes, 2014 has seen a lot of really great new artists emerge! It’s definitely been exciting and I have a feeling it is only going up from here! I’m excited to see what the rest of the year brings! I hope you are, too! I also wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!



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