Playing Professional/On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Get Ready With Me (Plus, OOTD!)

If you follow my Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr, you’ve surely noticed a long-standing weekly tradition of mine, (and many others across the world, I’m sure.) It is a very simple rule for life that myself and a majority of my co-workers have come to abide by every week. “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.” Yes, the classic line from one of my all-time favorite films, “Mean Girls.” I don’t recall exactly how it spread at my workplace but I started wearing pink every Wednesday as my personal homage to the Lindsay Lohan classic, then another friend/co-worker really took to the idea and now it is simply a known rule that most of the people I work with follow. Last Wednesday, though, I actually had to attend a special luncheon type thing with the director of our site and felt it appropriate to get a little more dressed up and wear a slightly more “professional” style of makeup… while still wearing pink, of course! So, I thought it seemed like as good an excuse as any to film a little “Get Ready With Me” and “Outfit of the Day” video! Check it out below!

Professional 01
Professional 04
Professional 02I still have no idea how I managed to botch that intro! I believe that I accidentally hit the record button first, sat there for the 22 seconds that I caught on film, then pressed the button again and started talking, so I filmed the random 22 seconds and then stopped it for the part where I was doing my actual intro! Either way, though, I hope you guys enjoyed this video! I had a lot of fun with it and really fell in love with the all-matte eye look I came up with using the Naked 3 palette – in fact, it has kind of become a bit of a go-to look for me when I want to keep it more neutral! I also hope you guys will be keeping an eye out the rest of this week because I have got one more tutorial that I will be posting that I am very excited about sharing – it comes from the newest music video from an artist you all know I am absolutely obsessed with. Let’s just say that she was the artist behind my favorite album of 2012, my favorite new artist of 2012 and she just released her amazing sophomore album. Surely, you can guess who that is, can’t you?! While you’re pondering that, I wish you all a beautiful rest of the week and a beautiful life!



5 thoughts on “Playing Professional/On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Get Ready With Me (Plus, OOTD!)

  1. Haha, that is adorable/hilarious! You look like a news anchor waiting for the cameras to roll. Also, Hello Flawless is my go-to foundation. I love it!

    1. Hahaha a news anchor?! I wouldn’t have thought of it that way but I love it! And, yes, Hello Flawless is pretty amazing! I had a sample of it that I put on and that same day, as I wore it, I had to go buy a bottle! Sometimes, like in this video, I’ll mix it with a heavier coverage foundation when I feel the need for a little extra coverage but on my better skin days, it gives just the right amount of coverage and a beautiful finish to the skin! I love that stuff!

      1. I normally don’t compare people to news anchors, but there is something about you sitting there being totally unaware that the camera is rolling that just reminds me of one. Only you have more personality. Maybe I have seen too many blooper reels or SNL sketches. 🙂

        The last time I needed new foundation, I did a ton of online research and Hello Flawless seemed like my best bet, I am so glad I bought it. I don’t use it every day (I often just use a great primer followed by some BB cream), but it is still my go-to when I want/need to use actual foundation.

      2. Oh, so you’re a lighter coverage girl? I have recently discovered that I was one of those people who used too heavy a coverage and now I’m discovering that a lighter coverage works better for me most of the time! I often use BB cream on days when I wake up late and have to rush but still prefer an actual foundation, in general, and a fuller coverage when I’m feeling like my skin is “in a bad way,” lol

      3. It depends on the day, what I am doing, and where I am going. BB cream alone is great for errands or when I am going to be outside or in a casual setting. On days where I want to feel “on” I wear foundation. I’ve also found that the older I get, the less coverage I need, so I try to be more light-handed with the foundation now than I was in the past.

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