This Week In Music 6/29/2014

So… last week. Let’s talk about last week and what was supposedly the last “This Week In Music.” Was it a desperate cry for attention? At the root of it all, probably. Either way, though, I did get some feedback. It seems that people on the YouTube Channel are watching these videos, in general, and simply not commenting. It seems, also, that they all said that they prefer the individual reviews but also watch and enjoy the “This Week In Music” videos. That feedback was really enough for me to say, “Well, alright… I guess I should continue.” So, here we are with a whole new week of music to discuss! It was a pretty good one, too. I discovered a few new artists this week, two of whom I was incredibly impressed with. There were also a couple of new albums released from “named” artists that I was pretty excited about, as well. Basically, there’s plenty to cover! Let’s get right into it!

As mentioned in the video, I have absolutely fallen in love with the album “Undressed” by Kim Cesarion and, probably most of all, the track “Brains Out.” You guys have got to hear this song… So, I’ve included the official lyric video below!

I also just had to take a moment to share with you a little something from Corey James Bost, who I mentioned I will be seeing live in a few weeks. One of my favorite tracks on his “Kingdom” EP, (available on iTunes,) is “The Broken and the Reckless Ones.” Below is a live acoustic performance of the song that you should definitely check out!

There you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s “This Week In Music!” I also hope you guys will be keeping an eye on the blog this week because it is going to be pretty jam-packed with content! I have kind of overloaded on new content this week for some reason, so I hope you guys are ready! It’s going to be pretty fun, if you ask me! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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