This Week In Music 7/13/2014

Hey, didn’t I just do a new post like 5 minutes ago?! Yes. Yes, I did. As it turns out, I had completely forgotten that I hadn’t done that post when I was logging into the blog to do this one. So, I figured, “What the hell? Why not just do both right now?” So, here we are. Let’s talk about this week in music. There’s not a lot to say, honestly. This is, in fact, the shortest “This Week In Music” video to date because there was so little to discuss. There were a handful of pretty interesting singles to discuss this week and only one album of note, which I really did not have much to say about! I think I’ll just let you see for yourselves.

As referenced in the video, my very favorite new release this week and, potentially, one of my favorite singles of the year so far, is “Angeles” by Wrathschild, the new collaboration between my all-time favorite indie pop star Simon Curtis and Ro Danieshi. You guys NEED TO KNOW this duo – they are absolutely amazing! To prove it, here is the music video for their breathtaking new single, “Angeles.”

There you have another week in music! Hopefully next week has more to show for it! If not, it’s no worry since I will probably not be all that keen on filming next weekend… since it’s my BIRTHDAY! Yes, next Saturday is my birthday! So, I may be a little distracted through the weekend! Fortunately I am on vacation from work the week afterwards, so I’ll have plenty of time to get things done! I’ve still got some really cool stuff in store for the week ahead, though, that you won’t want to miss! In the meantime, though, I wish you all a beautiful week ahead and a beautiful life!



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